Introduction to HTX Fixed Products

What are HTX Fixed Products?

Compared with flexible Auto-Invest products, HTX Fixed products offer a higher APY, but they have a predetermined redemption date and fixed term.

You can also choose to withdraw all your funds from a fixed-term product before the redemption date, but you will not receive any earnings generated up to that date.

How can I redeem my assets from Fixed products after they mature?

Currently, HTX Fixed products support automatic redemption upon maturity, and the redeemed assets will be transferred to your HTX spot account.

How to subscribe to Fixed products?

1. Log in to your HTX account, click Earn > HTX Earn



2. Click Fixed to select your favorite token and click Subscribe to get started.



How is the daily interest is calculated and distributed?

Daily interest = Assets deposited * APY / 365

Fixed returns are calculated using simple interest. The APY of a product is updated daily and is subject to the rate on the day you deposit your assets. Returns are calculated starting on Day T+1 (the day after you deposit your assets). Please note that the returns from a fixed-term product will be distributed in one lump sum the next day after the product matures.



Fixed Products Maximum Subscription Limit

Each Fixed product has a maximum subscription limit. Once the limit is reached, the system will no longer accept any subscriptions.

● The limits are set to assure fair subscriptions for everyone.

● Each product has a subscription limit to ensure the sustainable development of HTX Earn.

● HTX may change the subscription limits for Fixed products at its sole discretion.













Here's how you can subscribe to Fixed products on the HTX app: