Synesis One (SNS) Introduction

Synesis One, a DAO, provides a play-to-earn system that develops games to incentivize users to create datasets that train AI. Synesis One will develop and launch various play-to-earn games ranging from hypercasual to mid-core games, that attract gamers of all demographics.

In order to participate in these games and earn rewards, the gamers must stake Kanon NFTs. The data generated and validated by the ecosystem will be stored on the Solana blockchain and accessible to all, democratizing data and AI.

In addition Kanon NFT owners will also earn claimable passive yield just by owning the Kanon NFTs. Each NFT will represent a word, and when the word is accessed/utilized by AI clients (e.g. Mind AI), then the holder of the NFT will get a part of the fee paid by the AI client.

Contract Address:

Key features:

1. Yield generating NFTs

2. Play to Earn games that range from hypercasual to mid-core games

3. Data Yield Farming application (Users can directly train AI and earn yields)

Token distribution and lock-in:

Allocation Allocation Rate Token Release Schedule
Rewards Pool 25% Based on Farming/Staking/Mining Initiatives
Future Security and Maintenance 14% 6-month cliff over 24 months unlock period
Team 18% 9-month cliff over 24-months daily vesting
Advisors and Consultants 2%

9-month cliff over 24 months daily vesting

Shareholders 4.2% 9-month cliff over 24 months daily vesting
Seed Round 7.14% 12-month daily vesting
Private Round A 10% 5% at TGE over 12-month daily vesting
Private Round B 4.3% 5% at TGE over 18-month daily vesting
Treasury 6% 3-month cliff on 24 months unlock period
Marketing and Partnerships 3% 12-month unlock period
Public sales at HTX 1% Unlock at TGE
Liquidity 2.86% Based on market situation
Foundation 2.5% 3-month cliff over 24-month unlock period

Project timeline:

January - Kanon NFT sale

February - TGE

March - First Synesis One game launch - Quantum Noesis, Closed Beta testing for Data Yield Farming application

April - Launch game #2

May - Launch game #3

June - Open Beta testing for Data Yield Farming application

Team background:

We are pioneers, problem solvers, and creators. Having worked together across the gaming, tech, AI, and blockchain industry for more than 30 years combined, we are both a unique and exceptional team with a tight-knit foundation. In addition to our collective experience, our cofounder is a gaming pioneer who brought the free-to-play gaming model from East Asia into the West. The leadership team has a combined experience of many decades in gaming and internet startups, including a number of blockchain/crypto ventures. The development team based in South Korea are experts in AI. We have numerous partnerships with some of the top gaming studios in South Korea, Argentina, and Poland.1.

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January 24, 2022


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