HTX Enables Deposits and Withdrawals of Four Heco-Peg Coins

Dear users,

Heco-Peg BUT Token, Heco-Peg DF Token, Heco-Peg LET Token, and Heco-Peg SUSHI Token have been listed on HTX ECO Chain (Heco), with their deposit and withdrawal services now available on HTX.


1. The above-listed tokens are currently not available for cross-chain transfers.
2. Please make sure to select the intended network "HECO" when depositing or withdrawing assets to avoid the failure in operation and the loss of assets.

HTX ECO Chain (HECO) now covers 83 digital assets including BETH, DAI, ETH, and MATIC. The deposits and withdrawals of the above assets have all been enabled on HTX. 


April 21st, 2021