PrimeEarn High-Yield Tuesday: Deposit tokens for the highest yields and with no individual cap

Dear Valued Users,

HTX will hold the "PrimeEarn High-Yield Tuesday" deposit event at 11:00 (UTC) every Tuesday, offering the highest interest rates for mainstream tokens in the market. Please keep an eye on "PrimeEarn High-Yield Tuesday." There will be no individual cap, and we invite you to earn more with your friends!

Highest APY in Market · No Individual cap · Short Lock-up Period


Original APY

Highest APY

Deposit Period




14 days (Early termination not allowed)




Win the Highest APY

1) Deposit tokens in PrimeEarn and participate in the team up PK competition; after forming a team, each team will compete for the existing amount in PrimeEarn. After the event, the team with the most deposit amount can get the highest APY.

2) How to participate in the team up? Click to fill in the UIDs for you and the team members to form a team now.

3) The top three in the PK competition will be rewarded as follows:

Team 1: The APY of the deposited order in USDT is increased to 20% per person / The APY of the deposited order in ETH is increased to 15% per person

Team 2: The APY of the deposited order in USDT is increased to 16% per person / The APY of the deposited order in ETH is increased to 12% per person

Team 3: The APY per person for USDT's deposited orders is increased to 12% / The APY per person for ETH's deposited orders is increased to 10%


4) Rules:

a. After the team leader fills in his/her UID and the UID of the team members, the platform will calculate the team's ranking according to the team's cumulative deposit amount in this PrimeEarn event.

b. The platform will announce the top six team rankings on the platform's Banner page and social media channels at 11:00 (UTC) every day. It is recommended that you pay attention; after the deposit quota is full, the final rankings will be announced.

c. In the end, all members of the top three teams will receive interest APY rewards on the basis of the original APY; the maximum price increase for each UID in the team is limited to 1 million USDT, and the excess is calculated according to the base-level APY of PrimeEarn events.

d. PrimeEarn event products are all 14-day fixed deposits; APY increase rewards and APY earnings will be distributed to your HTX Earn account after the lock-up period ends.

e. BTC and HUSD are not eligible for the interest rate increase reward, but will be counted as part of the accumulated deposit amount of the event. Unlisted teams enjoy original APY.


Launch time: 11:00 (UTC) on March 29, 2022

End time: PrimeEarn will end when the current product deposit quota is met


"PrimeEarn High-Yield Tuesday" Don't miss out on the highest APYs in the mainstream token market!

How to Participate:

● Website: Log in to HTX, and find HTX Earn under Finance on the navigation menu

Click here:

● App: Tap HTX Earn on the homepage

Click here:



March 27, 2022 


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