HTX's Work Report on Asset Transparency (I)

Following the 2022-11-12 announcement where HTX called for all crypto exchanges to take actions to improve security and transparency, to show our determination in and commitment to promoting transparency, HTX is acting now to disclose the balance details of our hot and cold wallets and make this disclosure a routine going forward. Listed below is an inexhaustive overview of our asset reserves details:




ETH 274K


TRX 9.7B

Estimated Total Value of 3.5B USD

List of wallet addresses:

*Snapshot made by ​​12/11/2022 16:00 UTC.




Token Amount




19,278,127 8005718
ATOM ATOM cosmos1nynns8ex9fq6sjjfj8k79ymkdz4sqth06xexae 634,802 12820225
BCH BCH 17om4dHcDNy9LAagMj8mGW59vyXjvA3GBn 10,058 766332
BCH BCH qptsxhxxuyww0a3s3gy2ee9cwdgjhz7pqyw9d2dwsl 27,002 766332
BETH ETH 0xa929022c9107643515f5c777ce9a910f0d1e490c 96,671 20459256
BTC BTC 143gLvWYUojXaWZRrxquRKpVNTkhmr415B 16,346 762897
BTC BTC 12qTdZHx6f77aQ74CPCZGSY47VaRwYjVD8 12,971 762897
BTC BTC 14XKsv8tT6tt8P8mfDQZgNF8wtN5erNu5D 3,182 762897
DOGE DOGE DFCT8ZPq6MytZU3HSvbTJevxt4MLq2Xasu 104,413,419 4469865
DOGE DOGE DTzJt8f1YxgpBwVhEfZgkvvZixMLpxjCHG 54,164,749 4469865
DOGE DOGE DHcYzg33fr3rmHzQjXjNvYW8gTzxU7FWWK 33,927,135 4469865
DOGE DOGE D7G2oPDhfUCQv5G3KwavFghRmmDd1eKKL7 24,482,727 4469865
DOT DOT 145pfvzsdw4zcZHv8v97rY1C8MfbKN5LKDV7JaNgm6tA65bE 1,629,999 12895548
DOT DOT 15kUt2i86LHRWCkE3D9Bg1HZAoc2smhn1fwPzDERTb1BXAkX 1,299,672 12895548
EOS EOS vuniyuoxoeub 15,314,227 278201909
ETC ETC 0x6667ed6cb6e7accc4004e8844dbdd0e72d58c31c 146,411 16328781
ETC ETC 0x66F82BeCAE07AA9Ae95BF92aCA888AB185Ef70C2 401,215 16328781
ETH ETH 0x18709e89bd403f470088abdacebe86cc60dda12e 140,000 15955137
ETH ETH 0xcac725bef4f114f728cbcfd744a731c2a463c3fc 14,858 15955137
ETH ETH 0xa929022c9107643515f5c777ce9a910f0d1e490c 22,978 15955137
FIL FIL f1abjxfbp274xpdqcpuaykwkfb43omjotacm2p3za 1,558,925 2332236
FIL FIL f1rmrlyjzym3jgv6tt77kbbbwbz6huxbimlt5va7y 1,383,665 2332236
HT ETH 0xa929022c9107643515f5c777ce9a910f0d1e490c 60,005,289 15955137
HT ETH 0x0511509A39377F1C6c78DB4330FBfcC16D8A602f 41,807,241 15955137
HT ETH 0x1205E4f0D2f02262E667fd72f95a68913b4F7462 31,980,000 15955137
HT ETH 0xe4818f8fde0c977a01da4fa467365b8bf22b071e 20,000,000 15955141
HT ETH 0x5c985e89dde482efe97ea9f1950ad149eb73829b 5,677,382 20459011
HT ETH 0x18709e89bd403f470088abdacebe86cc60dda12e 32,377,989 15955141
LTC LTC MNky8PL58UjL14mcZm3ESvEkYQkzMY9kfu 209,802 2367877
MATIC MATIC 0xd70250731a72c33bfb93016e3d1f0ca160df7e42 8,950,377 35525135
SHIB ETH 0x18709e89bd403f470088abdacebe86cc60dda12e 1,726,855,556,531 15955141
SHIB ETH 0xc589b275e60dda57ad7e117c6dd837ab524a5666 328,031,894,024 15955141
SOL SOL 88xTWZMeKfiTgbfEmPLdsUCQcZinwUfk25EBQZ21XMAZ 299,922 160678051
TRX TRX TYh6mgoMNZTCsgpYHBz7gttEfrQmDMABub 960,007,414 45896734
TRX TRX TKgD8Qnx9Zw3DNvG6o83PkufnMbtEXis4T 962,810,652 45896734
TRX TRX TCQQjfccKdMi4CnPAzmZW5TALH4HbwceVb 977,041,002 45896734
TRX TRX TNaRAoLUyYEV2uF7GUrzSjRQTU8v5ZJ5VR 121,338,113 45896734
TRX TRX TDToUxX8sH4z6moQpK3ZLAN24eupu2ivA4 45,982,406 45896734
TRX TRX TCiRCBNFrL6bFKWL94yWQi5hNMGNp1Nu27 915,617,002 45896734
TRX TRX TGn1uvntAVntT1pG8o7qoKkbViiYfeg6Gj 964,722,671 45896734
TRX TRX TAuUCiH4JVNBZmDnEDZkXEUXDARdGpXTmX 966,173,463 45896734
TRX TRX TUJGLHo3rq4EAUY1LHRhNkHPX8qmrv9WFs 14,922,562 45896734
TRX TRX TF2fmSbg5HAD34KPUH7WtWCxxvgXHohzYM 950,011,846 45896734
TRX TRX THZovMcKoZaV9zzFTWteQYd2f3NEvnzxAM 950,004,235 45896734
TRX TRX TZ1SsapyhKNWaVLca6P2qgVzkHTdk6nkXa 954,418,290 45896734
TRX TRX TRSXRWudzfzY4jH7AaMowdMNUXDkHisbcd 941,808,767 45896734
USDC ETH 0x5c985e89dde482efe97ea9f1950ad149eb73829b 8,142,902 15955141
USDC ETH 0x18709e89bd403f470088abdacebe86cc60dda12e 26,283,366 15955141
USDC TRX TDToUxX8sH4z6moQpK3ZLAN24eupu2ivA4 15,000,001 45896208
USDC TRX TNaRAoLUyYEV2uF7GUrzSjRQTU8v5ZJ5VR 10,610,849 45896208
USDT AVAX 0xe195b82df6a797551eb1acd506e892531824af27 24,200,109 22290581
USDT ETH 0xa929022c9107643515f5c777ce9a910f0d1e490c 91,612,867 15955137
USDT ETH 0x18709e89bd403f470088abdacebe86cc60dda12e 600,000,000 15955141
USDT TRX TNaRAoLUyYEV2uF7GUrzSjRQTU8v5ZJ5VR 72,352,619 45896208
XCN ETH 0x18709e89bd403f470088abdacebe86cc60dda12e 1,800,000,000 15955141
XCN ETH 0x30741289523c2e4d2a62c7d6722686d14e723851 147,339,184 15955141
XRP XRP rKUDvXFJMFu65LqPTH3Yfpii4rbKT9bSQT 55,050,561 75707453

In early October 2022, About Capital buyout fund completed the acquisition and became the majority shareholder of HTX. During the due diligence and takeover process, HTX already performed a Merkle Tree Proof of Reserves audit. To further enhance users' confidence and accelerate our efforts in improving transparency, we are working to perform another Merkle Tree Proof of Reserves audit with a third party within 30 days.

Since our founding nine years ago, HTX has always adhered to the principle of “Users First” and we have always prioritized our users’ interests and the security of our users’ assets. It is also our promise and commitment that users' assets shall be protected intact, not appropriated, and fully redeemable and withdrawable. We will, as always, remain as the guardian of assets for all our users who have placed their trust in us.



November 13, 2022


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HTX reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice. The above is for information purposes only and HTX makes no recommendations or guarantees in respect of any virtual asset, product, or promotion on HTX. Prices of virtual assets are highly volatile and trading virtual assets involves risk. Please read our Risk Reminder text here.