October Referral Giveaway: 40,000 USDT and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Invite a friend to register for a HTX account and start trading, and you can get a chance to win a share 40,000 USDT and an iPhone 13 Pro Max. You can also enjoy up to 50% spot rebate and 60% derivative rebate concurrently. (Please click here for the details.) Invite your friends to join us now! >>Invite Now

Event Period: 8:00 (UTC) on Oct 18, 2021 – 8:00 (UTC) on Oct 31, 2021


Event 1: Deposit Over 100 USDT to Share 10,000 USDT

During the event, new HTX users who register for an account through a friend’s invitation can share 10,000 USDT once each new user deposits over 100 USDT.


Event 2: Invite Your Friends to Trade and Grab 30,000 USDT

During the event, whoever invites more than 3 friends to register for a HTX account can share from a prize pool of 10,000 USDT after all the invitees complete a transaction (spot/margin/derivative trading) of any amount.

If you invite more than 10 friends to register for a HTX account, you can have a chance to grab 20,000 USDT once all your invitees complete a transaction (spot/margin/derivative trading). 


Event 3: Join Our Lucky Draw and Win an iPhone 13 Pro Max 

All eligible inviters and invitees can participate in a lucky draw. One lucky user will get an iPhone 13 Pro Max (128G).

Participants who meet the following conditions are eligible:

a. All invitees who complete a transaction (spot/margin/derivative trading) can obtain a draw lot automatically.

b. The more “valid users” you invite, the more draw lots you will obtain and the higher your chance of winning. 

For example,

User A invited 10 friends during the event, and all his/her friends have completed a transaction, that is, there are 10 “valid users”. Hence, user A can get 10 draw lots and each of his/her friends can also get 1 draw lot.

The same goes if user B invited 10 friends during the event, and only six of his/her friends have completed a transaction, that is, there are 6 “valid users”. Hence, B can get 6 draw lots and these 6 valid invitees can also get 1 draw lot each.


Terms & Conditions:

  • For event 1, assets deposited except for USDT will be converted to values in USDT based on the corresponding closing price of the day. Please reserve a bit more assets to avoid loss from conversion to USDT. This is only limited to net assets deposited from external addresses (= Deposit - Withdrawal).
  • Valid users” refers to new users who are normally invited to register for a HTX account and complete a transaction (spot/margin/derivative trading) of any amount during the event. 
  • For event 2, eligible users are allowed to grab one of the prize pools according to the total number of their valid invitees. A large prize pool is preferred if eligible. 
  • USDT rewards will be distributed to users’ exchange accounts within 7 working days after the event ends.
  • An iPhone 13 Pro Max will be delivered within 30 days after the event ends. The lucky winner shall complete KYC authentication first. We also offer the option for the winner to receive a sum in USDT equivalent to the value of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • Users who receive rewards from this campaign are not eligible for rewards from other referral campaigns running during the same period.
  • Sub-accounts are excluded from this campaign, and their trading volume and deposits will be merged into their main accounts. 
  • HTX will review the campaign and reserve the right to disqualify users if they engage in any false or illegal conduct, including bulk registration, illegal brush for volume, etc. 
  • Users in Japan, Cuba, Iran, Mainland China, Hong Kong (China), Macao (China), North Korea, Sudan, Syria, the United States of America and its overseas territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands), Canada and Singapore are not allowed to participate in this campaign.
  • HTX reserves the right to adjust or cancel the above terms in accordance with specific circumstances and reserves the final interpretation right for this campaign. 



October 18, 2021


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