ARIX is the Winner Project of PrimeVote #4. 188,000 USDT Airdrop for ARIX Voters!

Dear HTX Users,

We are happy to announce that ARIX is the Winner Project of PrimeVote #4. To express our thanks for the strong support from HT community members, we are presenting the voters who have supported ARIX during the Finals Stage with an airdrop of 188,000 USDT.

We appreciate the participation of all community members. HTX will continue to stand together with HT holders in forging ahead to create a bright future for the community.

Distribution Rules:

  • Users (including all lead voters and followers) who have voted for ARIX during the Final (not including Preliminary and Semi-final) are eligible to share the airdrop rewards.
  • Winners split the airdrop rewards based on the proportion of their votes in the total votes.

Individual vote share = Individual number of votes / Total number of votes received by the project *100%

Individual reward = Individual vote share * 188,000 USDT

  • Airdrop rewards will be directly credited to winners' spot accounts. The actual amount received may slightly vary from the calculated amount due to rounding or converting.



May 19, 2023


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