Identification Strategy and Handling of the Victims of 'Online Dating' Fraud

HTX OTC has always been a leader in the industry in terms of liquidity and services and has been adopting strict risk control measures to maximize the security of assets in the user’s transaction process by adhering to the principle of settling it once found for the black market.  


According to the recent feedback from the risk control intelligence system, some criminals have used online dating and other forms to induce users to purchase digital assets and then withdraw coins to go to fake platforms for investment purposes (such scams are generally referred to as "Romance Scams”), causing economic losses to some users. In response to such a scam, the risk control team responded quickly and has launched a number of identification strategies and early warning products: 

  1. When the user performs a suspicious withdrawal, a risk prompt confirmation will be pop-up.
  2. When a user performs a high-risk withdrawal, the system will directly refuse the respective withdrawal.
  3. Users who are slightly suspected of being a victim of the “Romance Scam” will receive a pop-up reminder before the OTC transaction.
  4. Users who are moderately suspected of being a victim of the “Romance Scam” will receive a reminder of a heavy risk pop-up window before the OTC transactions.
  5. Users who are highly suspected of being a victim of the “Romance Scam” will be directly restricted from OTC buying features. 

HTX pays more attention to the security of user’s assets compared to business indicators such as conversion rate and transaction volume. If you are restricted from buying the function for this reason, you can contact the platform’s customer service and read carefully the article <Risk Reminders on Preventing Investment Fraud by Means of Preventing "Online Dating">. Relevant restrictions can be lifted after a clear knowledge of fraudulent routines.


Additional Security Reminder: 

If you are experiencing a suspected "Romance Scam", after being intercepted by the platform's risk control identification, criminals may continue to trick you into continuing to participate in the so-called "investment" through other means. At this time, you need to remain rational and vigilant and contact the local judicial department for verification if necessary. 


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