Reasons and Solutions for Restricted HTX Accounts

To create a better trading environment, the platform continues to invest in strengthening the capabilities of risk control, conducting the corresponding management, and control for different risk behaviors and their accounts. The details are as follows:

If some functions of the account are restricted in the process of using it. Please refer to the following situations to deal with. 


Restrictions by The Platform 

The operation of your account or the transaction process has triggered the risk control rules of the platform. This will cause some or all functions of the account to be restricted. Please follow the information prompts to submit relevant documents, verify your identity, or contact customer service for processing.

The risk scenarios that trigger the platform to restrict some or all of the account's functions are as follows:

1.1 Modify the Account & Security of your account, it will be restricted from withdrawing for the next 24 hours. This restriction will be automatically lifted after 24 hours.

1.2 If 3 or more purchase orders are canceled on the same day in the fiat trading area, the buying function of the fiat trading area will be restricted on the same day. It will be automatically restored after 00:00 Singapore Time.

1.3 Violation of the "OTC Trading Rules" will be punished. The duration of it ranges from 1 to 30 days. After the punishment expires, the corresponding restrictions will be automatically lifted or you can contact customer service to apply for unfreezing the account. Please note that all the transactions should be conducted strictly according to the OTC trading rules to avoid such restrictions. For specific trading rules, please refer to the "OTC Trading Rules".

1.4 Triggering the risk control system leads to the limited time for the withdrawal of cryptos, and this restriction automatically lifted after the time-limit expires. Please find the attachment about the notice of "Trial Operation of Time-Limited Crypto Withdrawal Strategy and Update of Risk Control Rules".

1.5 For the beneficiary in the OTC order disputes, when the other party overpays or misplaces the cryptos during the OTC transaction which results in the account receiving unexpected benefits, some functions will be temporarily restricted by the system. You can resume the status of the account by completing a dispute settlement with the counterparty or with the assistance of customer service.

1.6 The suspicious inflow of assets on the chain. In this case, it usually comes from a risky address while the deposit of the account. Users need to log in to HTX’s official web page and submit relevant information on the designated page: pageType=2. After submitting the relevant information and explaining the source of the corresponding assets, you can unfreeze the account. 

1.7 Anti-money laundering risk control system restrictions. When the user triggers the anti-money laundering risk control system, some functions may be restricted (Please refer to the content of the risk control module of "OTC Trading Rules" for the possible reasons). At this time, you need to log in to HTX’s official web page, fill in the HTX Security Questionnaire:, and submit the relevant information. Please wait patiently within 5 working days. The account can be unfrozen if the submitted information has no issue after being reviewed and approved.


Restriction by The Judicial 

In order to create a compliant and safe trading environment, the platform must cooperate with the judicial assistance of the judicial authorities of various countries and regions. After receiving the freezing order from the judicial authority, the platform will restrict some or all of the account functions and freeze the assets according to the requirements of the order. Please contact the customer service of the platform to provide feedback on the frozen account and contact the judicial authority to cooperate with the investigation so as to unfreeze the account as soon as possible. 

HTX will optimize the risk control system and strategy. And, strive to create a more secure trading environment by strengthening the crackdown on high-risk transactions and accounts that involve black-market trading.


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