Pro Preferential Policy for USDⓈ-Margined Contracts

Dear valued users,

HTX Futures now introduces Pro preferential policy for HTX USDT-margined contracts.

Users could enjoy the rights as below after becoming a Pro (professional) client of HTX USDT-margined contracts.

Details of fee rates are laid out as below:


To enjoy a preferential fee rate:

1. VIP Sharing Program.

Users with converted asset value equal to or greater than 30,000USD could apply for a Pro fee rate.

For application details, please click>>>


2. Application

(1) Click here for application:

(2) Or provide the required information below to [email protected]:

  • HTX UID that does not exist rebate relationship
  • Cell Phone
  • Country
  • Asset screenshots of the related contract account


  1. HTX Futures will evaluate the trading volume of Pro clients at the end of each month, and Pro clients will enjoy corresponding Preferential Policy according to the assessment results
  2. The above contents of HTX USDT-Margined Contracts Pro Clients Preferential Policy might change. Please refer to the official announcement for the latest update.


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