How to Complete ID Verification for Buying Crypto with Credit/Debit Card?

Since the buying crypto with credit/debit card service is provided by HTX Technology (Gibraltar) Co., Ltd (“HTX Gibraltar”), which is a regulated firm by Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (“GFSC”) with license number 24790, users who want to use this service are required to complete the following basic verification of HTX Gibraltar, and extra verifications may be required based on your purchase limits or other HTX Gibraltar’s compliance requirements.

Verification tier 1:

Step 1: On the Quick Buy/Sell page, choose the type of fiat currency and the cryptocurrency you want to buy from us, input the trading amount, and choose Card Payment as the payment method. Click the “Buy” button, you will see the price provided by “HTX” on the next page. If you have not completed any verification tiers yet, you will see the “Go to verification” button, please click it to complete the required verifications.



Step 2: Please input your current residential address and tick the box to accept the Term of Use and Privacy Policy if you want to continue to use our service


Step 3: Please upload your ID documents and complete facial recognition to complete the Identity Verification.

Once you complete the verification above, you will be able to trade up to 1000 EUR per order, 3,000 EUR per month, and 10,000 EUR in total.

Verification tier 2:

For verification tier 2, you will need to fill in and submit the following information, and you will be able to trade up to 10,000 EUR per order, 30,000 EUR per month, and 100,000 EUR in total:

  • Purpose of trading
  • Expected trading volumes per day/per month
  • Source of funds
  • Monthly income size
  • Employment status

Verification tier 3

For verification tier 3, you will need to upload and submit the following proofs. Once you complete this verification tier, you will be able to trade up to 20,000 EUR per order,  60,000 EUR per month, which will be subject to the accumulated trade limits based on your source of funds proof. It might take up to 3 business days to complete verification tier 3.

  • Proof of residential address
  • Proof of source of funds





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