ETP Fee Disclosure

1. Management fee

The management fee is collected at 23:55 (GMT+8) every day, which will be reflected in the net value of the ETP product. If the user does not hold a position at this time, he will not bear the cost of the net value discount at this time.

Management fee = net value * ETP holding share * management fee rate

2. Transaction fee

The transaction fee rate of ETP is the same as the user's spot fee rate.

3. Subscription and Redemption Fee

ETP’s support purchase and redemption transactions, and the cost of purchase or redemption is returned based on the actual transaction results of the underlying assets. It has the characteristics of time uncertainty and cost uncertainty. It is recommended that you participate in the redemption carefully.

ETP subscription and redemption require payment of subscription or redemption fees. Subscription fees are charged based on the subscription rate, subscription quantity and subscription cost; redemption fees are charged based on the redemption rate, redemption quantity and redemption cost.

That is:
Subscription fee = Subscription fee rate * Subscription quantity * Subscription cost
Redemption fee = Redemption fee rate * Redemption quantity * Redemption cost

Identity Authentication Requirements:

Due to local laws and regulations, the following countries and regions are temporarily unable to trade ETP products, including Belarus, Myanmar, Congo, Cuba, Canada, Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong (China), Iran, Iraq, Côte d’Ivoire, Japan, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, the United States, Zimbabwe.