How Long Will the USD I Withdraw Be Completed?

Your withdrawal request needs review manually. It will be completed within 1 hour after the withdrawal is initiated. 

STCOINS Bank Transfer Processing will be executed in real time after the review is completed.

The time the bank receives the account depends on the transfer processing time between banks.

At present, there are three channels of replenishment and withdrawal: SWIFT, ABA and SEN.

SWIFT: Mainly used for international bank remittances with high handling fees 

ABA: Mainly used for bank remittances in the United States.

SEN: For Silvergate bank user remittances, faster arrival.

Among them, SWIFT and ABA are unified merged and displayed under WIRE type.

You can consult with STCOINS customer service to check the status of your withdrawal.

When you initiate the withdrawal consultation to the customer service. Please provide the email address of STCOINS account, user UID (through STCOINS website, you can see in the "Personal Center" - > "Account Security" menu) and the time and amount of the order to be asked (at the bottom of the "USD Discount" page on STCOINS website, you can see a screenshot).



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