HTX Launches the New FastTrack (Phase 11) on July 28

Dear users,

HTX FastTrack will soon make a comeback with upgraded event rules!

Under this upgraded FastTrack (Phase 11) rules, there will be two (2) voting event stages:

  • “Deposit to Vote”, and
  • “Use HT to Vote”.

Users who participate in the “Deposit to Vote” event can enjoy airdrop rewards from the respective projects.

On the other hand, participant users in the “Use HT to Vote” event can purchase the project’s token at half price.

FastTrack will take the aggregate votes received from both events to rank the projects and determine the token order of listing.

1. “Deposit to Vote”

Users must complete ID verification to qualify for the event (Pass ID verification before 11:59:59 on July 29 (GMT+8)).

You can deposit any candidate project tokens to HTX within the specified “Deposit to Vote” event period. Project tokens worth 100,000 USDT in the corresponding token will be distributed in proportion to your cumulative deposit amount once the event ends.

The users’ total deposit amount of the candidate projects will be converted into HT. Final vote count will be based on the ratio of 1HT = 1 vote.

The conversion ratio of the candidates of projects’ tokens to HT will be announced in the event launch announcement.

Deposit limits: There is a deposit limit imposed for each candidate project. The lower limit is 10 HT and the upper limit is 5000 HT (equivalent in projects’ tokens). If the upper limit of the deposit is exceeded, it will be calculated as 5000 HT.

The conversion ratio of the candidate project tokens to HT will be announced as part of the event launch announcement.

Deposits in sub-accounts will be aggregated up to the mother account.

*In the “Deposit to Vote” event, users can choose to vote for both projects at the same time since rewards for token deposits are computed independently, and can be received simultaneously. 

2. “Use HT to Vote”

Following the previous FastTrack rules, you can choose a candidate of project to vote. 1 HT is counted as 1 vote. After the voting is completed, the tokens of the corresponding project will be divided at a 50% discount based on your votes. Each project in this round will release 150,000 USDT worth of tokens. 80% of that will be divided among HT voting users and 20% will be distributed to lucky draw winners.

Voting quota: The user’s voting quota is determined by the user’s minimum daily HT holdings (daily random snapshots are taken) during the two phases of FastTrack, HT Voting periods. The lower limit of the voting quota is 1000 HT and the upper limit is 5000 HT.

The voting threshold of the current phase is set from the 10th phase to the FastTrack voting day of this phase. (i.e., October 30, 2019 00:00:00 to July 28, 2020 23:59:59 (GMT+8), the user’s minimum HT holdings need to be ≥ 1000 HT).

*In the HT Voting stage, each user can only vote for a single project.

Once “Deposit to Vote” and “Use HT to Vote” ends, total votes received for both candidate project tokens will be tallied :

The winning project token will be launched on the day of voting. USDT, BTC and HT trading pairs will be launched at the same time.

The runner-up project token will be launched on HTX on the third day of voting. USDT, BTC and HT trading pairs will be opened at the same time.

At the end of this phase, a total of approximately 150,000 USDT equivalent of HT will be burnt.

Click here to check the detailed Rule Introduction of HTX FastTrack (Phase 11).

We will disclose the projects in the form of announcement before July 27, so stay tuned!

Risk warning:
Digital asset trading is classified as a high-risk activity that may cause partial or total losses. Users are reminded to factor their trading experience and risk appetite before making trading decisions. The content of this announcement and other information on HTX website does constitute investment advice. HTX will not bear any direct or indirect losses arising from reliance on such information. HTX does not assume responsibility for, provide guarantees, or compensation, etc. for trading.

July 22, 2020