HTX to Support HTX DAO's $HTX Airdrop for TRX and USDT Holders

Dear HTX Users,

As announced in the official plan, HTX DAO will airdrop $HTX to TRX and USDT holders on the TRON network (including their exchange addresses). HTX will support this airdrop and take a snapshot of our users' TRX, USDT, and WSTUSDT holdings on the platform at 04:00:00 (UTC) on February 28, 2024. The details are as follows:


I. Snapshot Rules:

  1. Snapshot Time:First Snapshot Time: 04:00:00 (UTC) on February 28, 2024. Further Snapshot Time: 04:00:00 (UTC) on the 30th of each month between April and August 2024.
  1. Snapshot Scope: Only spot accounts. Note that accounts other than spot accounts will not be counted towards the snapshot. Please manage your TRX, USDT, and WSTUSDT holdings promptly before the snapshot. The quantities of TRX, USDT, and WSTUSDT held in your sub-accounts will be collectively included in the snapshot of your main account holdings. Please refrain from conducting TRX, USDT, and WSTUSDT transfers between your sub-accounts and your main account around the time of the snapshot.
  2. Assets Excluded in the Snapshot: If TRX, USDT, and WSTUSDT are in an uncredited state, or in the successful withdrawal or spot sell status at the time of the snapshot, they will not be included in the statistics.
  3. Airdrop Ratio:
  • TRX: $HTX airdrop for an eligible user = Total $HTX received by HTX * (Total TRX assets of the user in the snapshot / Total TRX holdings on the platform).[Only spot accounts ]
  • USDT and WSTUSDT: $HTX airdrop for an eligible user = Total $HTX received by HTX * (Total USDT and/or WSTUSDT assets of the user in the snapshot / Total USDT and/or WSTUSDT holdings on the platform).[Only spot accounts ] 


II. Airdrop Rules:

Users with assets (including open orders) of less than 10 USDT, 90 TRX, or 10 WSTUSDT will not be eligible for the airdrop.

HTX will promptly distribute $HTX received in the HTX DAO airdrop to eligible users' Spot accounts based on the snapshot and airdrop ratio. Further notice will be released when the distribution is completed.


III. Regarding TRX, USDT, WSTUSDT Trading, Deposit, and Withdrawal Services

Spot and other trading, deposit, and withdrawal services will not be affected by this snapshot and airdrop distribution. To be eligible for this airdrop, please manage your assets before the snapshot by transferring them to your Spot account.


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Thank you for your continued support!

HTX Team

February 23, 2024


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HTX reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice. The above is for information purposes only and HTX makes no recommendations or guarantees in respect of any virtual asset, product, or promotion on HTX. Prices of virtual assets are highly volatile and trading virtual assets involves risk. Please read our Risk Reminder text here.