HTX Unveils Strategic Partnership with HTX DAO

Dear HTX Users,

HTX, the cryptocurrency trading platform, announced its participation as one of the first HTX DAO ecosystem builders. This partnership symbolizes a substantial step forward in reinforcing the HTX token's prominence within the blockchain space and broadening the scope of its ecosystem.


The collaboration between HTX and HTX DAO marks a crucial milestone, merging their respective strengths to enhance the blockchain ecosystem. The partnership will encompass various collaborative efforts, focusing on initiatives that will drive the adoption and utility of the HTX token in the blockchain community.


HTX and HTX DAO will engage in a range of cooperative activities, including marketing campaigns, community reward and engagement initiatives, and the development of new products and services leveraging the HTX token. These endeavors aim to expand the HTX token's reach and influence across the blockchain sector.


Through this partnership, HTX and HTX DAO are dedicated to fostering a robust and dynamic blockchain ecosystem. The collaboration is set to benefit both organizations, offering new opportunities for growth and development within the blockchain community.


As an HTX DAO builder, HTX will contribute 50% of its platform revenue to support the liquidity of the HTX DAO ecosystem. As part of this partnership, HTX introduces a voluntary conversion channel from HT to HTX tokens. This initiative allows HT token holders to convert their tokens into HTX seamlessly, facilitating their involvement in the HTX DAO ecosystem. This gesture underscores HTX DAO's commitment to acknowledging past contributions and encouraging continued participation in the ecosystem.


HTX Team

January 19, 2024


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