How to Deposit and Withdraw Assets on HTX App

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1.Open HTX App, log in to your account, and tap Assets on homepage bottom.

2. Click Deposit if you want to add funds into your account. Click Withdraw if you want to withdraw assets from your account.

3. To deposit a specific virtual asset, you can choose the coin listed or search for it. Take BTC as an example.

4. Select the deposit network (i.e. Bitcoin network for BTC).

Please make sure the deposit network is the same as the withdrawal network, or else you will not receive the transferred assets. For example, you won't receive your assets if you withdraw your BTC assets on the BTCB network to the Bitcoin network. This is the same case for all virtual assets.

5. After tapping the target deposit network, a specific and exclusive deposit address will be generated for you to receive the transferred assets. You can copy the address or scan the QR code directly to deposit assets to this address.

6. Paste the address to the assets withdrawal page, or send it to the sender who is transferring the assets to you.

7. After the deposit is made, do remember to check your account balance to see if you have received the assets.

8. You can also refer to these steps for withdrawing assets. Please take extra care to make sure the withdrawal address and amount are correctly typed.