Risk Reminder on Asset Withdrawal Frauds

Dear Valued Users,

Recently, we have received a lot of feedback that scammers are trying to induce HTX users to withdraw assets from HTX and deposit into fake platforms under the name of "token exchange," through text messages, emails, and other means. 


Most common Fraud Methods:

  • Scammers disguised as our Customer Service staff to trick HTX users into believing them. They will induce people to download a decentralized wallet (third-party App or website), and transfer "USDT" tokens to users' wallets (however, the "USDT" tokens are fake with no value) to win their trust. After gaining the users’ trust, the scammer would coax users to withdraw assets from HTX to the address provided.


Most common scammer phrases

  • "HTX no longer provides services to customers in Mainland China, please log in promptly and withdraw your tokens to the XXX platform, URL****."
  • "Please log in to **** and convert your address to another overseas address in time."


HTX would like to remind all users the platform will ensure the security of all users' assets, and you will be able to withdraw your assets normally. 


Risk Reminder:

  • Please take care of your assets. Once tokens are withdrawn and deposited to an address, the sum will be transferred to the address. It is difficult to get the tokens back.
  • Please do not read text messages or click on links contained in emails from an unfamiliar party, or answer calls without a displayed number.
  • Please do not provide personal information such as your account information and SMS verification codes to strangers or third parties.
  • Please verify on HTX Official Media Authenticatorfor the phone number, and other means of information you receive is from HTX when in doubt. 
  • HTX will not send text messages to ask you to withdraw tokens or make private transfers and withdrawals.


If you receive any suspicious text messages, phone calls, or emails, please contact our online customer service for verification.



October 13, 2021