How do I Sell Crypto on the HTX App?

This article is a detailed tutorial on how to sell crypto on the HTX App using HTX P2P (Peer-to-Peer). HTX P2P provides the fastest and most secure platform to exchange fiat to crypto vice versa with 0 fees.   
Step 1: 
Click "Buy Crypto" on the App homepage.

Step 2:
Click “Sell” on the top of the trading page and select the token that you want to sell. Browse through the list of vendors from our P2P marketplace, take note of their prices, maximum volumes, ratings, and payment modes. When you have made your choice, press the grey "Sell" button. 

Step 3:
Enter the fiat value or the number of tokens that you want to sell and click "Order" within 45 seconds. Then enter your fund password and click “Confirm”. 

Step 4:
The transaction will display a message that “The buyer is paying." Please wait for the buyer to complete their payment. Please note that it can sometimes take more than 5 minutes for a buyer to make their payment. 
Click the message icon to reach out to the buyer if you have any concerns. After the buyer makes the payment, the page will display “Please confirm receipt”. 
Please check your bank account/e-wallet to see whether you have received the payment from the buyer, and then tap “I have received payment”. 


Step 5:
Press “Confirm” and enter your Fund password again to release the tokens you sold to the buyer’s account. Again, If you have not received any funds, please DO NOT release any tokens to the buyer, or you will expose yourself to potential financial loss.

6. Your sale transaction is now complete.


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