HTX's 10th Anniversary | New Fiat On-Ramp Feature is Live, Offering Multiple Rewards!

Dear HTX Users,

Grateful for your companionship throughout our decade-long journey in the crypto realm.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, HTX is introducing a limited-time fiat on-ramp promotion. Simply buy cryptos with Quick Trade to win a wealth of rewards!

Event 1: Buy USDT with EUR and GBP Balances with Quick Trade. Deposit at Zero Fees and Win Spot Trading Cashback Vouchers

To facilitate fiat trading, a new feature has been available on Quick Trade that allows you to use EUR and GBP balances to directly purchase USDT with zero fees and better prices. By meeting the deposit requirements, you'll get rewarded with Spot Trading Cashback Vouchers. See details below:

USDT Purchase Amount with EUR/GBP Balances (X) Reward
100 USDT ≤ X ≤ 500 USDT 5 USDT Spot Trading Cashback Voucher
500 USDT < X ≤ 1,000 USDT 10 USDT Spot Trading Cashback Voucher
1,000 USDT < X ≤ 2,000 USDT 20 USDT Spot Trading Cashback Voucher
2,000 USDT < X ≤ 5,000 USDT 30 USDT Spot Trading Cashback Voucher
>5,000 USDT 50 USDT Spot Trading Cashback Voucher


For multiple fiat on-ramp transactions made during the event, you will get rewarded based on your cumulative trading amount.

Spot Trading Cashback Vouchers offered in this event are valid for one month upon receipt and will be invalid after expiration.

Event Period: 13:00 (UTC) on September 13, 2023 - 13:00 (UTC) on September 20, 2023

How can I purchase USDT with EUR/GBP balances via Quick Trade?

Click here to enter the Quick Trade page > select EUR or GBP as the payment currency > select USDT > select Balance as the payment method.

If your fiat balance is insufficient, you can make a deposit here>>


Event 2: Grab Rebates by Fiat On-Ramp

During the event period, 7 lucky users from those who make deposits through the specified fiat on-ramp channels with Quick Trade will be selected daily at random and get a 10% rebate in USDT based on their deposit amount.

For instance, if being selected as a lucky winner after buying 1,000 USDT through Quick Trade, User A will receive a 100 USDT rebate. (If lucky users win out by purchasing other cryptocurrencies, the rebate will be issued in an equivalent amount of USDT.)

This rebate promotion supports one fiat on-ramp method: using fiat balance to purchase cryptocurrencies.

The event will last for 7 days, with a total of 49 users to be won out. After the rewards are distributed, we will announce the list of winners.

Event Period: 13:00 (UTC) on September 13, 2023 - 13:00 (UTC) on September 20, 2023

Click here to buy crypto >select Balance.

Rewards will be credited to winners' HTX accounts within 10 working days after the end of the event.



September 13, 2023


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