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Event details: "Trade to Earn" is a mega mining event focusing on strategy trading. During the event, the amount you allocate and trading volume while running HTX Trading Bot strategies will be counted as your mining hash rates. Rewards will be given out to you in proportion to your hash rates, and will be calculated every minute. Higher hash rates mean higher earnings, so the more you allocate to your strategies and the more you trade, then the more rewards you will win.

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Rules: Stand to win a share of the 30,000 USDD prize pool by cloning or creating your own spot grid strategy on Trading Bot.

Event period: 14 days from 10:00:00 (UTC) on Dec 22, 2022 to 10:00:00 (UTC) on Jan 5, 2023

Applicable pairs: USDD trading pairs (26 pairs in total)

Prize pool: Your earnings will be calculated based on the proportion of your allocation and trading volume per minute during the event period. The prize pool is 30,000 USDD.

Bonus calculation: Rewards per minute = [(Your allocation amount in the minute / All participants' total allocation amount in the minute) * 0.2 + (Your trading volume in the minute / All participants' total trading volume in the minute) * 0.8] * Total prize pool / 20,160

Note: 20,160 is the total duration of event minutes.


Reward distribution:

●All rewards will be distributed in the form of USDD.

●After the event ends, you can click Claim to claim your rewards and check the rewards by going to Assets > Asset History > Financial Records > System. If the rewards are not claimed after the end of the event, the system will hold the rewards for you for 14 working days. Please claim your rewards as soon as possible.

●If the current price deviates from the strategy price range you created, the amount you allocate to the strategy will not be included in the reward calculation.

●Any strategies that were created before the event and continue to run throughout the event period will be not counted as your mining hash rate and cannot be used for sharing the rewards.

●Market makers are not eligible to participate in this event.



December 23, 2022


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