HTX Derivatives Warrant to launch on September 23

Dear Valued Users,

HTX Derivatives Warrant will go live on September 23 and be available in the Derivatives window of the HTX mobile app (iOS/Android) and the HTX website. It will appear in the upper navigation bar after log-in on the following website:

To celebrate the launch, users who trade any warrant product before 0:00 (UTC) Sep 28 will receive a free option gift in October. For a single transaction of at least 0.5 BTC/5 ETH/50,000 Doge, a higher amount of warrant will qualify for the reward. Don’t miss out on this promotion!

The mobile app version of HTX offers warrants in the form of simplified American options that can be exercised before expiration. Users will be able to buy call or put warrants in different currencies (BTC, ETH and Doge). For HTX Derivatives Warrant, users are referred to as “buyers”, who can enjoy benefits such as leverage, no liquidation, and unlimited returns.

The website version offers more diversified products, such as the European spread options and American options. Users can now close their European spread options and customize the strike prices of their American options on the website. 

To maximize convenience for all users and enhance the user experience, HTX Derivatives Warrant simplifies the option purchase process by enabling users to choose option factors. This way, both new and seasoned traders can trade warrants.

The Derivatives Warrant business team will continue to innovate and create new options and derivative products for digital assets. More products, functions, and choices will be available in the future.


Thank you for your support of HTX Derivatives Warrant!


HTX Derivatives Warrant Business Team

September 23, 2021



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