How to Deposit GBP via Faster Payments?

To deposit GBP via Faster Payments, please follow these steps:

Please note:

*Temporarily, the service is available for GBP deposits only, withdrawal service will be opened soon.

*This service is only available to users who have a bank account and passed identity verification on HTX.

Step 1 

Visit HTX, log in to your account.


Step 2

Go to “Balance” - “Exchange Account”. 


Step 3

Select “Deposit-Exchange” and search for GBP, click “Deposit”. 

Step 4

Choose [Faster Payments] as the payment method, input the amount and click “Next”.

*Click "Increase Limit" to complete advanced verification for higher deposit limits.

Step 5

Log in to your online banking transfer page and enter the information below. Or, go to local branches to make the transfer. The funds will arrive at your HTX account immediately via Faster Payments once the transfer has been made.

*Please use a bank account that belongs to you.

Please note:

*Remember to enter the sort code & account number on your online banking transfer page for the money to be received, or the deposit will fail.  (If you are depositing with Revolut bank, please manually copy the sort code and account number provided on the above page to replace the default information.)

*If you’ve already deposited with wrong/insufficient information, you may go to the online chat with our customer support and provide your Proof of Payment so that we could manually review your deposit and then credit your funds.

*If the deposit failed, the refund will go back to the original bank account within the same day.

*If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at [email protected]