Quick Start with HTX C2C Advertisements Management Console in Minutes

HTX P2P Advertisements Management Console is now available in English, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, and Russian languages. The management console can now only be used via web. Below are the functions in details:

  1. Easily switch between day and night theme. You can switch to night theme if long-term watching to the screen.

  2. Page above is showing the real-time price and fluctuations of various crypto currencies, and the data is synchronized with the candlestick chart below.

  3. Multi-functional console page contains 5 sections such as:

    • Simultaneously monitor the market quotations in spot trading: You can watch the real-time market quotations of spot without switch to the “Spot Trading” page.

      Real-time order status for C2C advertisement and ranking of the ads are shown on the right side of the page;


      ● Multiple orders can be processed quickly
      • The system will announce “You have a new order request” when receiving new order and its turn on by default.

      • The management console page has to maintain online otherwise the advertiser couldn’t receive the sound notification.

      • Orders can filter by types, status, and crypto currency5._____.jpg
        If the order mark paid, please click to pay to the other party before the time ends.

      • If the other party confirm have paid, you can click “Confirm and release”. If not, you can’t.

      • Click (…) to view the order details, cancel the order, and submit an appeal. You can talk to the other party by clicking the chat icon.


      1. Modify the Advertisement

      • All the published advertisements (online and offline ads) are displayed here.

      • You can create ads in this section.

      • All online ads in the list can be removed with one-click.

      • Click on the pen icon to modify the limits, price, and amount of the ads. (Temporarily couldn’t change the pricing method such as, float price and fixed price in console page)

      • But you can click (…) and select “Edit More”.

      • You also can share or delete the ads by clicking on (…).


      1. Quick transfer of all the cryptos with one-click in “My Assets”.

      Total available and frozen cryptos in “Fiat Account” and “Exchange Account” are show here.


      If you have any questions or suggestions, please join the Telegram group. (http://t.me/huobiotcofficial)


      Thanks for your support! 


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