HTX Launches "Thousand HTX DAO People Participants Plan" - Redeem Double HTX Tokens

To support the promotion of HTX DAO, HTX is excited to introduce the "Thousand HTX DAO People Participants Plan," aiming to facilitate access to the decentralized organization HTX DAO for more ordinary users.


Event Period: 11:00 (UTC) on January 29, 2024 - 11:00 (UTC) on January 30, 2024


Event Rules:

1. 2,024 slots of HTX DAO People Participant are open for all users.

2. Purchasing an HTX DAO Card for People with 50 USDT makes you eligible for this plan.

3. After a successful purchase, participating users need to share the event poster on their X (Twitter) accounts, mentioning @HTX_DAO.

4. The first 2,024 participating users who meet purchase and sharing requirements during the event will each receive HTX tokens worth 100 USDT.



1. Both purchasing an HTX DAO Card for People and sharing the event poster on X (Twitter) with @HTX DAO mentioned must be completed during the event. Participating users who fail to make the poster sharing as required will only receive HTX tokens worth 50 USDT.

2. The event will conclude ahead of schedule, if 2,024 HTX DAO Card for People are sold out.

3. HTX reserves the right for the final interpretation of this event.

As a multi-chain deployed decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), HTX DAO demonstrates an innovative governance approach. Unlike traditional corporate structures, it adopts a decentralized governance structure composed of a diversified group, jointly committed to the success of this organization.