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Overview: The Trading Bot Points Contest is a cooperative trading competition for strategy traders. Users can earn points by running strategies and inviting friends. All valid strategies will be ranked based on the total points earned, and eligible participants can share the prize pool.

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Criteria: Registered users can earn points by running strategies and inviting friends. You can earn more points and receive a higher ranking by putting in more assets in your strategies or running the strategies for a longer period of time, thus increasing your chance of winning. When you invite friends to join and boost each other's strategies, both parties can earn points. Earn more points by inviting more friends and boosting more strategies!

Note: Users who did not register for the event will not receive any points for their strategies.


Event period: 7 days from 00:00:00 (UTC) on Dec 3, 2022 to 00:00:00 (UTC) on Dec 10, 2022

Trading pairs: No restriction (all popular trading pairs like HT)

Prize Pool: $10,000 in XETA


Event rules: During the event, any new grid strategies (with an initial amount of ≥ 100 USDT per strategy) created or cloned on Trading Bot will be considered valid strategies. All valid strategies will be ranked based on the total points earned. Any single strategy with 300 points can share the prize pool. For every friend you successfully invite who has made a boost, both you and your friend will earn 10 points each (max 10 invitations).


Leaderboard: The strategies will be ranked based on their total points in descending order. The leaderboard will be updated every 30 minutes and you can check the strategy details of the top 10 on this page. Strategies' running time falling out of the price range will not be included in the points calculation.


Prize distribution:

  • All prizes will be awarded in XETA. The total prize pool is $10,000 worth of XETA.
  • At the end of the event, you can share the prize pool with other eligible participants if any of your strategies earn at least 300 points. Prize distribution will be determined by the number of participants reaching each point level. The higher your points, the great share of the prize pool you can win.
  • If you have multiple strategies that earn at least 300 points, each strategy will share the prize pool with other users of the same point level.
  • All rewards will be credited to your HTX account within 14 working days after the end of the event. If you haven’t received the rewards after 14 working days, please contact our 24/7 online customer service or email [email protected] for assistance.
  • You can check your rewards by tapping Assets - Asset History - Financial Record - Transfer In on HTX App.
  • Market makers are not eligible to participate in this event.
  • Due to local compliance requirements, users from some countries and regions are not eligible to participate in this event. Please refer to HTX User Agreement for details.



December 3, 2022


About Trading Bot:

With controllable risk, HTX Trading Bot is easy to use even for newbies. You can clone existing outstanding strategies with a click, or create your own strategies. Trade 24/7 without missing any market changes. With Trading Bot, you can earn USDT in a bull market and earn crypto in a bear market easily.

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