How to verify the identity

Why my identity verification failed?

Reasons for the failure of identity verification may include:

1. The card type is not supported, please upload the support certificates according to interface display;

2. Black and white image is not accepted for verification, please upload colored and authentic documents;

3. Scanned copies or photocopies of the legal documents were used, please upload or take a photo of the original document.

4. The document was too blurry for verification, please upload clear, readable document with back camera, turn on the flash if necessary.

5. Please also make sure the uploaded documents are legible, and your face is recognizable, positioned within the boundaries, and that there is good lighting in the room.


How to verify the identity?

1. To verify your identity:

Web Click

APP: login, then click【Me】-【verify】, then click【start】

2. Please submit your information and upload the photo of the legal documents as the page requires

3. Scanned copies of the legal documents will not be accepted

4. The maximum amount of withdrawal can be increased after verification.


What should I do if my identity has been verified?

1. One identify can only verify one account, if you have registered account and verify before, please login with the previous account. Or you decide to delete the former account, submit your request here>>>

2. If you did not register account before but certificate number has been verified, it is recommended to use other supported and valid certificates to resubmit for verification, because the certificate numbers of various countries are duplicated.


Whats the Time limit for KYC review?

The review can be done within 5 minutes at the fastest, but in busy times, it can take as long as 6 hours. Please wait patiently!

If it is still pending after 24 hours, please upload logs in app, and then contact CS for further checking.


How to modify name /nationality / identity?

1. If your account is not verified, please click on the link to modify your nationality by yourself;

2. If your account has been verified, you need to edit your name or nationality. You can submit your request here;

3. To unbind your ID information, once the registration is approved, your identity cannot be unbound under normal circumstances.


What is institution verification?

For the verification of institutional account, please click here to register institutional account and submit requested information.

Please read the instructions carefully and fill in or upload the information as required. If the information you uploaded for the first time is complete and meets the requirements, you will be notified of the application result in about 3-5 working days; if your information does not meet the requirements, you will need to provide additional information, and the application result will be available later on.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions during the application, please contact the email: [email protected]


What kind of documents are supported?

Every country supports different types of certificates, please check the verification interface and upload the supported certificate.


What is the limit of daily identification times

Each account is limited to 5 times identification per day. If you have exceeded the limit, please try again tomorrow (UTC+8).


Driver's license identification prompt "unsupported type"



What is Id Verification? Why do I need to complete Id Verification?

Id verification is also known as Know Your Customer (KYC). By KYC you can increase the security of your account and avoid the risk of fraud. HTX app will increase your daily withdrawal limits to up to 100 BTC and unlock more benefits for you after completing the verification process.