HT Operations Monthly Report (March 2022)

Dear Valued Users,

Greetings from HTX! We thank you for your continuous support and trust in HT. 

The HT progress report is provided for your reference.

I. HT Data and Events Calendar

1. On HT Data 

In March 2022, HTX burnt 0.597 million HT (about 5.471 million USDT), which is 5.74% less than that in February. As of April 15, 2022, the cumulative number of burnt HT reached 292.196 million.

The HT deflation rate of the month stood at 0.27%. Calculation Function: HT deflation rate = (0.597 million HT burnt amount * (15%/20%))/ previous period's total quantity in circulation 165.616 million HT

Existing Supply: 207,803,863 HT

Current Circulation Amount: 165,168,364 HT

Number of HT holders: Up 1.83% in March 2022

Note: Existing Supply = Current Circulation Amount + Total Locked Amount


For the burning mechanism of HTX HT, please refer to:

HTX’s Announcement on the Results of Community Poll on Optimizing HT Burning Mechanism (see link)

HTX’s Announcement on Continuing the Monthly Burning of HT (see link)


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2. HT Events

HTX PrimeList continued strong in March. The highest returns were realized in LBP at 420% and H2O at 3400%.

PrimeList continued strong in March with even more participation from our users. LBP drew more than 43,000 users while H2O attracted over 27,000 users. Participants only need to meet the transaction volume requirements within the specified time of the activity to automatically qualify for the activity. Returns from the activity also got increasingly higher, with returns from the best performers ranging from 4.2x to 34x.

3. Institutional Data

TokenInsight: HTX’s turnover exceeded $43 billion in March 2022

According to the data by TokenInsight, the turnover of HTX’s spot products reached $43.08 billion in March.

(Note: The above data is independently published by a third-party research institution. HTX is only citing the third-party data and is not legally responsible for such information.) 


II. Business Development at HTX

1.       On March 28, HTX rolled out its integrated live-streaming platform HTX Live on HTX App. To kick-start the launch, HTX Live was held on March 28 with its inaugural livestream guested by Brad Varnell, the creator of the YouTube channel Infinite Crypto.

2.   In March, HTX listed the following tokens - POLC, WILD, GEAR, VPAD, HOTCROSS, FLOKI, MULTI, WIN, MBOX, WPCI, LPB, ANC, WEMIX, SYN, AIOZ, GST, BULL, KAI, INDI, GCOIN, BIT, XCAD, Perp, SD, ZBC, ERN, APE, Scream, BOO, tlm, SMCW, ctxc2x, orb, arv, qrdo, ONSTON, CRPT, ABBC, MC, LOKA, h2o, fx, LMR, DOG, ANML, VR, CUDOS, GQ, CAKE, XDEFI, GMT, RACA, FUSE - covering Infrastructure, Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, and dAPP assets.

3.   HTX crypto loan: On March 2, we added isolated margin trading for AXS, FLOW, FRM, and FTT, and added cross margin trading for AXS/USDT, FTM/USDT, FTT/USDT, GARI/USDT, ONE/USDT. On March 9, we added cross margin trading for BNB, and added isolated margin trading for BNB/USDT, ALICE/USDT, C98/USDT, CELO/USDT, EGLD/USDT, GLMR/USDT, OCEAN/USDT. The leverage ratio of isolated margin trading pair LUNA/USDT is raised to 5x on March 21.

4.   The International Women’s Day event and the Contract Master contest were HTX’s major events in March. We held a series of activities, including AMA and other promotional events, which enabled us to reach out to as many as 4.25 million users.

5.   HTX Earn offers HT demand deposits and time deposits with 0.8% APY. In March, the total returns accumulated by HTX Earn users amounted to 9.2 million USDT, with over 50,000 USDT contributed by HT products.

6.   As of March, BNB and FTM were added to Coin-Margined Swaps while GMT, BAT, JASMY, ANKR, APE, WIN, and API3 were added to U-Margined Swaps. At present, HTX USDT-Margined Swaps support a total of 129 tokens and USDT-Margined Futures support 13 tokens, while offering up to 200x leverage for BTC and ETH. Coin-Margined Swaps support 48 types of contracts and Coin-Margined Futures support 13 types of contracts, covering GameFi, SocialFi, NFT, DeFi, Polkadot, Storage and other popular assets.

III. Media Coverage

yahoo!finance: HTX Incubator Announces Strategic Sponsorship with Moonbeam, Introduces the Moonriver Grant Hackathon

March 28, 2022 —HTX Incubator, the project incubation arm of HTX, announced its strategic sponsorship of the Moonriver Grant Hackathon in conjunction with Moonbeam, a fully-Ethereum compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot. The sponsorship will see HTX Incubator funding the Moonriver Grant Hackathon to help grow startup projects in the NFT, gaming, and other emerging blockchain fields. This hackathon is a great opportunity for Web3 developers to try the Moonriver smart contract platform on Kusama, as well as its integrations.


Determined to embrace the global community with a more open and inclusive heart, HT is adopting English as the official language in its bulletin-board publications going forward to reach out to more global users.





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April 15, 2022


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