APENFT (NFT) Will Be Launched on HTX Prime on May 20

Dear Users,

HTX will offer a new token APENFT (NFT) on our exclusive token offering platform HTX Prime at 12:00 on May 20 (UTC). 

Exchange Rate and Token Release (1 HT = 23.90 USDT):

Round 1:

Price: 1 NFT = 0.000000072 USDT = 0.000000003013 HT;

Token release: 3,999,960,000,000 NFT

Round 2:

Price: 1 NFT = 0.000000132 USDT = 0.000000005523 HT

Token release: 15,999,840,000,000 NFT


1. The new token offering event will be held from 12:00:00 to 12:30:00 on May 20 (UTC). There will be two rounds and each round will last 10 minutes, with a 10-minute period in between for clearance/settlement.

  • Order placement window for Round 1: 12:00:00 - 12:09:59 (20% of the tokens for Prime to be traded);
  • Clearance/Settlement: 12:10:00 - 12:19:59;
  • Order placement window for Round 2: 12:20:00 - 12:29:59 (80% of the tokens for Prime to be traded);

2. The free trading of NFT/HT and NFT/USDT on HTX exchange, subject to opening trade restrictions, will open from 13:00:00 on May 20 (UTC).

3. The opening trade restrictions will expire at 13:05:00 on May 20 (UTC).

4. NFT deposits will be enabled from 09:00:00 on May 21, and NFT withdrawals will be enabled from 09:00:00 on May 24 (UTC).

Click to check the Prime rules: https://www.huobi.com/support/en-us/detail/84875035586661


1. The amount of token release has exceeded the maximum display limit (9,999B) on the HTX App Prime trading page. In the event of any discrepancies between the displayed amount and our official announcement, the latter shall prevail. Please be informed that trades will not be affected.

2. The HTX Tokens (HT) of all HTX accounts are within the scope of snapshot, while the ones on HTX ECO Chain (HECO) are excluded.

3. API orders will be unavailable during the Prime event. After the second round, all partially traded orders will be automatically canceled by the system.

4. To avoid irrational operations, the platform will restrict the use of market price when trading within 5 minutes after the free trading opens. The price of pending orders shall not exceed 10 times the price set in the second round and the price restriction will expire after 5 minutes.

5. This event is available on the HTX website and APP (v6.3.0).

6. HTX reserves the right to disqualify any participants displaying signs of fraudulent behaviors.

7. Projects and digital assets listed on Prime are at a relatively early development stage. Prices of digital assets are highly volatile, you may lose all or a substantial portion of the value of any digital asset you purchase. It is recommended that you should consider your appetite for risk and only make careful, informed decisions when trading any digital asset. By listing a digital asset on HTX, HTX does not make recommendations or representations regarding the value of such digital assets. HTX shall not be liable for any losses you may incur from purchasing digital assets listed on HTX.

8. Anything contained in any of HTX promotions, announcements, banners or other publications (hereinafter referred to as “Promotion”) is for information purposes only and should not be construed as trading advice or recommendations. HTX makes no representations or guarantees in respect of any Promotion or any activity on HTX conducted by you due to a Promotion is carried out at your own risk. HTX shall not be liable for any losses you may incur from such activities.

9. This disclaimer does not contain all the relevant risks, terms and conditions that you should be aware of prior to trading digital assets on HTX. Besides, please carefully read our user agreement at https://www.huobi.com/support/en-us/detail/360000298561. After reading, should you have any doubts on whether trading digital assets on HTX is suitable for you, please seek professional advice.

10. HTX reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.


May 20, 2021


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HTX reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.