Invitation Program Instruction

1、After your friends accept the invitation, each transaction fee (excluding the maker fee) they generate will produce a corresponding proportion of the rebates.

2、The rebate will be returned to your account in the form of USDT, points or HT. Rebate proportion of USDT, points and HT are 30%.

3、When the invitee uses the point card to trade, cashback obtained by the inviter will be calculated by the equal amount of points and rebated to the inviter; when the invitee uses HT to deduct fee, the cashback will be calculated on the basis of actual fee and rebated to the inviter; when the invitee conducts non-point card traings without HT deduction, the cashback actually obtained by the inviter will be calculated by USDT and rebated to the inviter.

4、Friend trading cashback is calculated on the day, credited the next night; Rebate amount (USDT or point card or HT) = actual trading amount * fee proportion * cashback proportion.

5、The inviter shall enjoy the cashback of invitee trading during effective period starting from the actual registration. After the effective period (730 days), you will no longer enjoy rebates of trading fees generated by the invitee.

6、The platform will calculate USDT real-time conversion of the corresponding currency at the market price every 5 minutes. The rebate amount is subject to actual cashback amount.

7、Monthly list on the 1st day of each month only show the data of the previous month.

8、Daily settlement time: 0:00 Payment time is before 10:00 p.m. on the next day.

9、Deposit and withdrawal fee, and loan interests are not considered in cashback calculation.

10、If the invitee violates relevant risk control rules of invitation rebates, the handling fee will not be returned to the inviter. Meanwhile, the invitee's invitation status becomes [Invalid] and the generated rebate record status becomes [Invalid rebate].

11、The rebate cap of single invitee is 5000 USDT (Point : USDT = 1:1, HT market price estimated in USDT). There is no total rebate cap of all invitees.

For any changes, please refer to updates on HTX. HTX reserves all the rights of final interpretation.