Isolated-Margin Trading with Sub-Accounts

Dear users,

For a better trading experience, isolated-margin trading with sub-accounts is now available on HTX. After enabling the function, you may conduct isolated-margin trading with your sub-account on webpage or through API (temporarily not available on App). Below is the detailed info on the new function.

1. Parent Account vs Sub-Account

(1) Isolated-margin trading with parent account is enabled by default. The permission for sub-account is disabled by default. You need to authorize your sub-account by logging in to your parent account on webpage.

(2) Operations for transfers, loans (leverage, interest rate, interest calculation & repayment) and isolated-margin trading (trading type, transaction fee, margin deposit & risk control) with sub-account are the same with those of parent account.

(3) When the risk rate of sub-account reaches 120% and 110%, the system will send alert messages via the contact method of your parent account to remind you of potential risks.

(4) If your sub-account or parent account goes into bankruptcy, the withdrawal and transfer (from exchange account to fiat account) functions of your parent account will be affected.

2. How to Enable the Function

Given that isolated-margin trading with sub-account is disabled by default, you need to manually authorize your sub-account with your parent account. Log in to your parent account on webpage → User Center → Sub-Accounts → select the sub-account to authorize and follow the procedure below.

 [WEB] Click "Settings - Trading Permissions" and open the "Isolated Margin Trading Permission" on the settings page. After the opening, the sub-account can start isolated-margin trading on the web.

 [API] Click "Manage" to create an API Key for the sub-account, authorizing the "Read" and "Trading" permissions. Once the creation of the API Key is completed and the WEB isolated-margin trading permission is opened, the sub-account can start isolated-margin trading through API.

3. Status Classification
The “Sub-Account Isolated Margin Trading Permission” includes three statuses: “not open”, “open”, and “closed after opening”.

Not open: The sub-account cannot perform any isolated-margin operations.

Opened: The sub-account can perform all (open) isolated-margin operations, including fund transfer, application for loans, margin trading, and repayment of interest.

Closed after opening: The sub-account can only perform some isolated-margin operations, including fund transfer, cancellation of orders, and repayment of interest.

Switch Status/Permissions Not Open Open Closed after Opening
Exchange Account Transfer to Margin Account ×
Margin Account Transfer to Exchange Account ×
Apply for Loans × ×
Return the Loans ×
Place An Order × ×
Cancel the Order ×

October 25, 2019