HTX Futures Sub-account Available Now!

Dear valued users,

HTX Futures sub-accounts function is live now! All users can create 200 sub-accounts(200 for futures and 200 for perpetual swaps) at most without account balance requirement. With this function, the master account can set permissions for sub-accounts and query sub-accounts assets.

Please log in HTX Futures website to open sub-accounts function.

Create subaccounts

Step 1. Master accounts must complete risk verification and get activated first. Please visit HTX Futures official website ( , log in your master account and click “Sub-account” from the drop-down box on the top right of web page.


Step 2. Please click “Sub-account management of Exchange” on “Sub-account” administration page.


Step 3. Go to the administration page of “Sub-account management of Exchange”. You can create sub-accounts, transfer assets from master account to sub-accounts and set login configuration here.


Notice: Only when sub-accounts’ login configuration is set successfully and passwords are created, can they be logged on website and APP.


Step 4. After creating sub-accounts, you can click “open” to open sub-accounts’ futures / perpetual swaps transaction service on the administration page. You can also change permissions, transfer assets and check balance here.




  1. Sub-accounts cannot start to trade futures / perpetual swaps directly before activating the service via master account first.
  2. Users can only change sub-accounts’ passwords, unbound GA via master account.
  3. The master account can create and edit the API of sub-accounts while the sub-accounts have no authority.
  4. Sub-accounts will automatically share the same preferential fee rates, position limit and API rate limit of coin-margined futures, coin-margined swaps, USDT-margined swaps and options as the corresponding main account when being opened.
  5. If users use both master account and its sub-accounts to participate in HTX Futures giveaway or other activities, the results will be counted on the whole performance of the master account and its sub-accounts. Awards would be deposited to the master account. Please note that sub-accounts cannot participate activities alone without master account.
  6. The login name cannot be modified after the sub-account is created


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