How do I withdraw coins?

How do I withdraw coins?

  1. Log in to your HTX account

    2. Click on “Balances” and choose the currency you want to withdraw. Using “USDT” as an example, click on “Withdraw”.


  1. Input the amount and withdrawal address in which you want your USDT to be withdrawn to.

        Click on “Withdraw”.



 4. The security authentication screen will appear.

You will need to enter all of the verification codes, for every Two-factor Authentication  method that you have set up on your account.

The screenshot below shows an account that has been setup with Email and Google Authenticator Two-factor Authentication as part of their account security. As such, the user is required to enter the Email Verification Code received in their Email, as well as the Google Authenticator Code before they can confirm the withdrawal.


Click on “Confirm”





  1. Once the withdrawal request has been submitted. You will see a screen similar to the below.

         You may check on the status of your withdrawal by clicking on “Track Withdrawal Status”



  1. The status will be reflected as “Completed” once the withdrawal has been completed

 IMPORTANT: In the case of coins such as USDT, where there are multiple chains supported (OMNI, ERC20), please select the appropriate chain before inputting the deposit address.

Only your USDT from the Ethereum network is compatible with your USDT-ERC20 address. Whilst, USDT coins from the Omni layer is only compatible with your USDT-Omni address. Sending your USDT coins to the incompatible address may result in the loss of your withdrawal.

As such, please check your destination wallet/exchange to confirm which network your withdrawal will transmit over and copy the appropriate deposit address as found in your destination wallet/exchange into your HTX withdrawal page.

In doubt, please reach out to Customer Support via livechat before effecting the transfer.