How do I set up 2FA using my mobile phone?

To setup your 2FA using your mobile phone, kindly refer to the steps as shown below:

Step 1) Log into your HTX account


Step 2) Under your “Profile”    icon, Click on “Account & Security” in the drop down menu as below or click this link to get started



Step 1) Click on "Link"


Step 2) Select Your Country Calling Code


Step 3) Input your mobile number


Step 4) Click “Click to send” to send your mobile an SMS Code


Step 5) Input the SMS Code received and click “Link”

Step 6) A Green Tick will be shown upon successful linking of your mobile phone number 


Kindly Note:

  • A Green Tickmeans that your HTX account has been successfully linked to this 2FA method
  • An Exclamation Markmeans that this 2FA method has not been linked to your HTX account yet
  • If you had registered using phone, phone 2FA method will be automatically linked
  • If you try frequently, but you continue to see pop-ups messages telling you that your 2FA code is wrong after frequent attempts, please synchronize the time of your phone and computer to make sure that they are the same
  • SMS verification codes expire after 10 minutes