Rate of Margin Service Fee

At present, two(2) fee rates and three(3) payment methods are applied to the service fee payable for the margin loan service of the Platform: the two(2) fee rates refer to the basic service rate of 0.098% and the tiered fee rate; three(3) payment method for the service fee hereunder refer to payment in the currency in which the service fee is accrued and charged, payment with Point Cards and HT deduction (collectively referred to as "the Fee Rate Policy").

At present, the Platform applies a daily rate of 0.098% to the basic service fee for the margin loan service of the platform; furthermore users who meet relevant conditions may also be entitled to the tiered service fee rate, which is updated at 20:00 (UTC) every day by the Platform, and can be viewed by the users on the corresponding pages in their accounts.

Tiered margin service fee rate: the Platform currently applies a tiered service fee policy to the margin loan service for high-quality Users. The tiered service fee rate policy for a User refers to the corresponding discounted fee rate (which shall be based on the basic fee rate) that is offered to the User if such User meets the corresponding conditions, on the basis of the User's trading volume(converted into BTC) in the last 30-day period [the last-30-day trading volume (converted into BTC) refers to the trading volume of the User in the last 30-day period as is calculated on 00:00 (GMT+8) every day by the system, and shall be converted according to the closing price of the BTC trading pair at 00:00] and the HT random snapshot position thereof, and according to the conditions that the above-mentioned two factors simultaneously meet. The system automatically updates User' tier and fee rate at 4:00 (GMT+8) every day (the Users can view their margin trading service fee rate by clicking on “Fee Rates for Ordinary Users" and "Fee Rates for Professional Users" on the corresponding pages in their accounts).

Aside from paying the service fee hereunder in the currency in which the service fee is accrued and charged, the Users may also choose to off-set their service fee with Point Cards or HT. The exact off-set policy is as follows:

Offset Service Fee with Point Cards: if the User chooses to offset the Margin Loan Service Fee payable with the Point Card the User holds, the User shall, when it engages in margin borrowing, choose to offset the service fee payable with the balance of points in their Point Card (1 point = 1 USDT worth of service fee). In paying the Margin Loan Service Fee, if the amount payable is denominated in USDT, the corresponding number of points will be directly deducted from the Point Card as the service fee payable.

Taking BTC/USDT as an example, if the loan amount is 17000 USDT, the loan term is 3 days, and the service fee rate is 0.098%, then the amount of service fee payable shall be fifty-one (51) USDT. If the User holds a Point Card, fifty-one (51) point (pts) will be deducted from the Card directly as the Margin Loan Service Fee.

Offset Service Fee with HT. If the User chooses to offset the Service Fee payable with HT, then such offset shall be carried out according to the then latest conversion rate on the market between the currency in which the Service Fee is accrued and charged and the HT. If the Service Fee is accrued and charged in HT, then no such conversion is needed; if the Service Fee is accrued and charged in any other currency, then priority shall be given to USDT in such conversion, so as to locate the shortest path between the currency in which the service fee is accrued and charged and the USDT. If the length of path the same, then the denomination currencies shall be prioritized according to the following order: USDT > BTC > ETH > HUSD.

Point Card deduction and HT deduction are mutually exclusive. If Point Card deduction is enabled, then HT deduction will be disabled by default, and vice versa.

Note: the service fee rates displayed on the fee rate page are daily service fee rates; however, after the User receives a loan, the service fee will be calculated according to an hourly rate (if the term is less than one(1) hour, the term shall be deemed as one(1) hour). The hourly service fee rate = daily service rate / 24 hours.

Warning: the Platform reserves the right to adjust the service fee rate policy (including service fee rates and service fee payment policy) from time to time according to market conditions and relevant laws and policies, and to notify You of such adjustment from time to time by updating this Agreement and/or the Platform announcement, if You fail to repay the principal under existing margin trading orders before the new rate policy comes into effect, then starting from the time when such new rate policy comes into effect, the principal under such outstanding orders and orders for new margin trading will be subject to the new rate policy.