Guideline on how to list on HTX/HADAX

1. Application Center Page

2. Application Link (at the Bottom of the Page)

3. Application Process

  • Project teams can apply for listing only after passing Qualification Verification. The following image appears when a project has successfully passed the Qualification Verification process.

  • To Proceed with Scroll down to the middle of the page and click “Listing Progress ”(this option will not appear if a project team fails the qualification verification step).

  • Access the Coin Listing Application Page
  • Please ensure to read and tick the Statement of Responsibility.

  • Please select trading platform option “HTX Main” or “HTX Next” as per requirement。

  • Save & Submit
  • The application form is divided into 5 sections: Legal Entity of the Project, Project Information, Token Information, Project Tokens Financing and Sales, and Other Information. Please click “Save “after completing each section, and re-submission is not required after the page is refreshed. Please click “Submit” only after all sections have been completed.
  • Mandatory input items are marked with a red exclamation symbol.

  • Click “Submit” after completing all the information.


  • A ‘Successful submission’dialog box will appear after hitting “Submit” only if the submission is successful.


  • The progress of listing can be viewed at the“ Application Center “by clicking ”Listing Progress“.