How to Create a P2P Advertisement on HTX Web?

The condition for posting advertisements:

If you want to become a Verified Advertiser(V-advertiser),please go to the Apply page.

Text Tutorial:

Step 1: Login your HTX account and tap on the 'Buy Crypto' button on the homepage, click the 'Create Ad' button on the top right.

Step 2: On Creating Ad page, for example: Selling BTC with USD

① Select Fiat as USD - means I want the buyers to pay me US Dollar
② Set the Ad Side as Sell and Crypto as BTC - means I want to sell BTC on HTX P2P 
③ Set the Price Type as Limit Price - means the price is fixed despite market fluctuations
④ Set the Payment Window as 20 minutes - means the buyer needs to pay you money within 20 minutes, otherwise the order will be canceled. 
⑤ Set the Volume and Min/Max Limit - means how many BTC you want to available in this Ad and what‘s the Min/Max amount for a buyer to purchase once a time.


Step 3: Turn on the 'Advance Filter' button if you have more limits to the buyers, filter with more trustworthiness. However, please note that too many filter requirements may decrease the orders.

Step 4: Set the Payment Method

It means what payment method do you want to pay or receive money with, as many as three types you can available.


Step 5: Add a Note for your Ad.

The note will be a reference for the buyers before he places the order and will be automatically sent to the buyers after he places the order.

Step 6: Trading Password

This password was set by yourself before your first P2P trading, if you have forgotten, please visit 'User Center' - 'Account & Security to reset or modify.



After creating your Ad, you can find it back on the 'Ads' page and do some edits and delete, but we strongly recommend using the 'Advertisements Management Console' to manage your all advertisement.


Advertisement Standard

  1. Sorting of advertisements: The Price of advertisement and the publish time take precedence. For example: to sell USDT, $6.3 sorted before $6.4; but if advertisers have been published the same price of $6.3, the people who posted the first will be listed at the top.
  2. Ads are hidden: Closing the page or login invalid, the ad will be hidden. But the Ads are not canceled automatically. But if an advertisement has 5 or more unprocessed orders and will be automatically hidden in the list.
  3. Price of advertisement: Due to the advertisement page can’t reload automatically, it is necessary to reload the page to see the latest price.
  4. Ad editing: Ad re-editing will affect the existing sorting, keeping in mind the rule of advertisement sorting.
  5. Ads cancellation: The Ads will be canceled only when it’s manually deleted or the stock is sold out.


Advertiser Service Notice

  1. Process orders in time to avoid advertisements hiding automatically.
  2. Proactively cancel 4 times or more, all buying functions will be limited on the same day.
  3. Recommend to cancel the advertisements when go offline or unable to timely process the order, to avoid unnecessary complaints.
  4. When your account is offline, your ads will be ranked behind all online ads.
  5. When you have more than 5 unprocessed orders, the system will automatically hide all your ads.