Is It Safe To Put Your Assets at HTX?

HTX.Pro has been operating digital currency exchange for four years, been managing over 1 billion dollars, and been serving millions of users. HTX.Pro has professional distributed architecture and anti DDOS attack system, 98% digital currency are stored in the multi-signed cold purse. As a leading digital financial service provider, HTX has been believing that providing safe service to the users and Don’t Be Evil, ensuring your account and assets safe with professional risk control system.

1.How does HTX.Pro ensure the safety of my assets when I buy and sell coins at OTC?

If you are a buyer, when you buy coins from a merchant, HTX.Pro will freeze merchant’coins,  after you pay him or her, the coins that HTX.Pro froze will be released.

You can only advertise at the website when being certified as a merchant. There are two kinds of merchants, certified merchant and super merchant, it requires more stringent certification for super merchants than that for certified merchant. If people’s payment account is frozen due to a merchant’s receiving payments from non-real name account, HTX.Pro will survey the asset source, and has the right to freeze the merchant’s account at HTX.Pro, as well as cancelling his or her accredication. And you have to go through the real-name certification before buying coins at the normal trade center.

2.How does HTX.Pro ensure my asset safe when I do the exchange at the website?

HTX launched the Investor Protection Fund in Jan. 2018, and buy HTs every quarter with 20% revenue at the secondary market, the HTs we buy will be withdrawn to the Investor Protection Fund, which prioritizes compensating the HTX.Pro users when sudden risks happen to protect the investor’s rights.

HTX.Pro launched another asset protection system for users in Feb. 2018——“The Security Reserve Mechanism”:

1. It’s total amount is 20000 BTCs, this provision belongs to HTX.Pro, and is put in an independent address,  it’s launched to get ready for the extreme security accidents that may happen;  

2. For any asset loss that is not caused by users, HTX.Pro will prioritizes compensating the users with money from The Safety Provisions.