P2P Advertiser Agreement

Updated on November 26, 2021


Welcome to the advertisement services provided by the HTX P2P Platform!

This Agreement is entered into between HTX P2P (hereinafter referred to as "the Platform" or "we") and the "Advertiser" on the Platform (hereinafter referred to as "you"). By applying for or using the advertising services through the relevant interface of our website, API (if any) or mobile application, you confirm you have fully read, understood and voluntarily accepted this agreement and the relevant rules and notices on the relevant pages, including any modifications, amendments or changes we may make to this agreement from time to time and any new rules and regulations that may be issued from time to time in the future (collectively, the "Agreement"). If you do not agree with this Agreement and the modified rules, please immediately stop using the services of the Platform and apply to the Platform to terminate your account.

Important Statement

  1. Upon your successful posting of a P2P advertisement, you shall be bound by this Agreement, the " User Agreement ",the" PointsManagementSystemforAdvertisers "andthevariousrulesandannouncementsrelatedtothePlatform.
  2. Theserulesshallcomeintoforcefromthedateofpublicationandshallbemodifiedorupdatedfromtimetotime,andthenewrulesaftermodificationorupdateshallcomeintoforcefromthedateofpublication.IfpartofthisAgreementisinconsistentwiththeupdatedrulespublishedbythePlatform,thespecificrulesnewlypublishedatthattimeshallprevail.
  3. The Advertiser is an independent party on the Platform,. There is no guarantee that the Advertiser is credible, or there is any guaranteed relationship between the Platform and the Advertiser. We do not endorse any violation of the rules of the Platform for any Advertiser’s brand or credit, nor do we assume joint and several liabilities for any adverse consequences arising from the actions of the Advertiser.
  4. The Advertiser shall ensure that the use of the services under this Agreement is solely for lawful purposes, and is strictly prohibited from taking advantage of the Platform to engage in any illegal practices or improper activities, such as money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery, malicious market manipulation or interference with the Platform. If we discover that you are in violation of the above provisions, we have the right to take a number of punitive measures against you, including but not limited to restricting or suspending certain functions of your account, termination of your account, deducting your deposit and/or transferring the assets in your account. We shall not be liable for any losses incurred by you or relevant third parties as a result of our actions.



  1. Users who completed the registration process and published P2P advertisements for free through the Platform;
  2. Users who have applied for registration through the Platform as Verified-Advertiser and Valued-Advertiser  and have paid a deposit;
  3. Users who have not completed the registration process but have paid a deposit to the Platform;
  4. Users who have not completed the registration process, paid a deposit but have applied for a termination of the services.

In order to facilitate more convenient and flexible transactions for Advertisers, you can post an offer in the P2P market for free after you have completed the registration process as stated in clause 1.1 above, which includes verifying your name and a face scan. Upon successful registration, you are obliged to disclose all your bank accounts used for collection and payment to the Platform. In the event such bank accounts are frozen, you or your relevant authorized representative shall give notice to the Platform’s customer service immediately for us to take any relevant measures.

For Verified-Advertiser and Valued-Advertiser users who have paid the deposit and have successfully registered pursuant to clauses 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4), you shall be able to use the following additional services provided by the Platform:

  1. Exclusive Diamond V and Crown V logos: To promote trust and to differentiate themselves from other Advertisers, we will display the corresponding exclusive and prominent logos next to Verified-Advertiser and Valued-Advertiser.
  2. One-to-one VIP service group: In order to improve the transaction efficiency and effectively resolve possible disputes about order processing, we provide one-to-one exclusive service for Verified-Advertiser and Valued-Advertiser.
  3. Other Products: The Platform may launch other new products and services for Advertisers at any time according to the changes in business policies, and may adjust and upgrade the products and services available at any time. Please refer to announcements on the website and product interface display for updates on specific services.

Verified-Advertiser and Valued-Advertiser Registration

In order to improve the security of transactions and the credibility of the Advertisers, the Platform provides a registration service for Verified-Advertiser and Valued-Advertiser.

Registration Information
You are required to provide the following information in the registration process: UIDfull nameemailtelegram account or WhatsAppmobile phone numberemergency contact mobile phone number, emergency contact, the relationship between the emergency contact and yourself, your permanent address, previous experience of being as an advertiser and relevant proof, video proof (recorded according to our requirements) and other information that we may request from time to time. The Platform does not guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided by the user in the registration process.

Registration Process

    1. You are required to submit the information specified in clause 3.1 of this Agreement;
    2. Upon receipt of the information submitted by you, the Platform will conduct a review based on the information you provide;
    3. Upon successful registration, the Platform will provide you with the exclusive Verified-Advertiser or Valued-Advertiser logo to distinguish you from other Advertisers. You shall also be required to place a deposit in your fiat currency account, but you will not be able to make any transactions or transfers of the deposit until you are terminated as an Advertiser.
Information Management
  1. Update of Information This registration service is an identification service provided by the Platform. Unless otherwise agreed herein, once you have completed the registration for your account in the Platform, the corresponding identification information and result of your registration shall not be modified or canceled for any reason. In the event you change your identification information is changed after completing the registration, provide the new identification information to the Platform and we will assist you in changing the information associated with your account.
  2. Management of Information: You hereby authorize us to hold the information you submit at the time of registration. The Platform shall not to disclose, edit or reveal your information and shall not to use your information for commercial purposes, except in the following cases:
    1. We are legally required to provide them to the relevant authorities;
    2. We provide them to our affiliated companies;
    3. When a third party works together with us to provide services to you, they shall be provided with relevant information required for the services (excluding your bank account information);
    4. To provide your identification information to a third party for the purpose of resolving your civil dispute with them;
    5. For other matters about privacy protection, please refer to the terms of the privacy policy published by the Platform.

Deposits of Verified-Advertiser and Valued-Advertiser

The Platform will require Verified-Advertiser and Valued-Advertiser to lock a Deposit in its fiat currency account as a guarantee after an Advertiser passes the registration process. The specific amount of the Deposit and the type of assets required may vary depending on the type of Advertiser you apply for and your information displayed on the Platform.

Deduction of Deposits
We have the right to deduct part or whole of your deposit if any of the following circumstances:
  1. When a dispute arises in the course of a transaction on the Platform, we determine that the Advertiser is at fault and shall take responsibility to fulfill its obligations under the transaction, but the Advertiser fails to cooperate after being contacted and notified, resulting in damage to other users on the Platform;
  2. When the Advertiser violates the " Point Management System for Advertisers ";
  3. WhentheAdvertiserusesthePlatformtoengageinanyillegalactssuchasmoneylaundering,illegalforeignexchangeevasionandarbitrage,maliciousmanipulationofpricesandmaliciousobstructionoftrading;
  4. When the Advertiser takes use of the HTX brand without consent to conduct false publicity or maliciously mislead the public which damages the reputation of the Platform;
  5. WhentheAdvertiserusesotherperson’sbankcardsforillegalpurposes,includingbutnotlimitedtomoneylaundering,causingdamagetousersorthirdparties;
  6. WhentheAdvertiserhasasuspiciousorderbeingdisputed,butcannotbecontactedduetoreasonssuchasbeingdetainedbythepolice;
  7. WhentheAdvertiserotherwiseviolatesthisAgreementoranylegaldocumentsortradingrulesofthePlatform;
  8. WhentheAdvertiserfailstoreporttothePlatforminatimelymannerafteritsmethodofpaymentorcollectionisfrozen;
  9. When the Advertiser, in the course of unauthorized cross-platform transactions, maintains or sets up accounts on other platforms and acts in a way that results in the freezing of other users' accounts on the Platform;
  10. OthercasesthatarereasonablydeterminedbythePlatformtorequiredeductionofthedeposit.
  1. Ingeneral,theamountdeductedislimitedtotheactuallosssufferedbytheaffecteduser.However,ifthelossexceedstheamountofthedeposits,wehavetherighttodeductthefullamountofthedepositandrequireyoutoprovideadditionalcompensation.
  2. Wehavetherighttodeductthefullamountofyourdepositinthefollowingcircumstances:
  3. ThePlatformhasevidencetoreasonablyprovethattheAdvertiserisdirectlyinvolvedinorassistsinmoneylaunderingorisinvolvedinotherillegalandimproperacts;
  4. TheAdvertiserisfoundtobeinvolvedinmoneylaunderingincidentswhenconductingcross-platformP2Ptransactionswithplatformswithcomplianceriskssuchasalackofacustomerduediligenceprocess;
  5. TheAdvertiserorganizesorparticipatesinthirdpartytransactionswhichresultsinthefollowofillegallyobtainedassetsintothePlatform;
  6. The Advertiser refuses to cooperate with us when its payment causes the bank cards of 3 or more users to be frozen;
  7. The advertiser who uses bank cards for collection and payment but fails to report to the Platform as required if its bank cards have been repeatedly frozen, or it fails to report to the Platform when its bank cards are frozen, causing losses or adverse consequences to other users.


The Platform Unilaterally Removing the Advertiser's Right to Publish Advertisements

The Platform has the right to unilaterally terminate your status as a Verified-Advertiser or Valued-Advertiser in any of the following cases:

  1. The Advertiser has been the subject of repeated complaints by users of the Platform regarding past transactions;
  2. There is any false information in the registration information submitted by the Advertiser;
  3. The Advertiser is involved in dishonest actions such as fraudulent transactions or negative public opinion that maliciously discredits the Platform's reputation;
  4. The Advertiser loses 20 points with 30 days after registering an account;
  5. The Advertiser has less than 60 points;
  6. The Advertiser refuses to cooperate with the customer service in processing orders or deliberately delays the customer service in processing orders;
  7. The Advertiser exploits the rules of the Platform to make profits;
  8. The Advertiser rents or buys or sells other people's cards for transactions and is judged by the Platform to be suspected of money laundering, will be immediately removed as a Verified-Advertiser or Valued-Advertiser and its account will be frozen; If there is conclusive proof that the Advertiser is directly involved in money laundering, the Platform will directly report to the relevant judicial authorities;
  9. The Advertiser trades on a platform without basic compliance risk control or engages in high-risk private transactions, and its associated account is verified by the Platform to be suspected of money laundering and if, as a result, the accounts of users with whom the Advertiser made transactions are frozen, in addition to removing the Advertiser and deducting the deposit, the Advertiser shall assist in cooperating with other users to unfreeze their accounts;
  10. The Advertiser introduces funds from illegitimate sources into the Platform. The Advertiser shall also segregate funds with other platforms and avoid using or set up or keeping the same collection/payment accounts as on the HTX platform in transactions on other P2P platforms; If the advertiser fails to do an effective funds segregation for the above-mentioned collection/payment accounts in cross-platform transactions, which leads to the freezing of accounts of users on the Platform, the Platform shall have the right to terminate your status as an Advertiser;
  11. The Advertiser fails to report to the Platform as required after its collection and payment accounts have been repeatedly frozen;
  12. The Advertiser violates the provisions of the Agreement or the Platform's "Points Management System of Advertisers" ;
  13. The Advertiser has other acts identified by the Platform that does not conform to public order and actions customary in the industry, fair trade or violate applicable laws and regulations.

Limitation and Exemption of Liability

As an Advertiser, you shall not only abide by the limitation and exemption of liability stipulated in the User Service AgreementofthePlatform,butalsocarefullyreadandcomplywiththefollowing:

  1. You are aware of anti-money laundering risk due to the complexity of the over-the-counter funds and the nature of digital asset transactions. To ensure the safety of your transactions and assets, you shall strictly follow the trading process and rules, and carefully inspect the identity authentication of counterparties in accordance with the requirements of set by the Platform.  The Platform will not bear any responsibility for the resulting losses if your assets are frozen as a result of suspected criminal activity by your counterparties.
  2. The Platform only provides information matching service for P2P transactions of digital assets, and the acts of buying and selling on it are all completed by users independently. The Platform is not involved in the transaction process. If you violate its trading rules, this Agreement or suffer losses, we shall not assume any liability therefrom. The Platform also does not endorse any violation of rules by the Advertiser in terms of the latter’s brand or credit, nor does it assume joint and several liabilities for any adverse consequences resulting from the actions of the Advertiser.
  3. The Advertiser shall refrain from illegal or immoral acts such as depositing illegally obtained assets into the Platform to mitigate money laundering, foreign exchange evasion and illegal forms of arbitrage. The Advertiser shall, when trading on other P2P platforms, conduct identification procedures on the counterparties and effectively segregate funds between their accounts. Otherwise, if it is verified by the Platform, that you are suspected to have used the Platform to carry out various forms of illegal activities, such as intentionally renting or buying out multiple cards from others for money laundering transactions, we have the right to take a number of punitive measures against you, including but not limited to restricting or suspending certain functions of your account, termination of your account, deducting your deposit and/or transferring the assets in your account.  We shall not be liable for any losses incurred by you or relevant third parties as a result of our actions.
  4. We are not responsible for the consequences arising from you renting, buying or selling others’ bank cards for transactions without their authorization.
    1. If you rent or buy or sell other people's cards for money laundering and cause the real-name owner of the cards to be implicated in the loss, the Platform will not be responsible for the resulting losses and consequences, and has the right to report you to the judicial authorities, without assuming any responsibility for the adverse consequences caused to you.
    2. If you have previously traded with a user using someone else's card that you rented or bought the user's card has been frozen, but the user still assumes that the card is still valid when trading with you, and the funds are frozen and damaged as a result after you directly put money into the card, you should actively cooperate with the user to help deal with the unfreezing. If you refuse to fulfill the relevant cooperation obligations, the Platform shall have the right to deduct your guaranteed assets as the case may be to compensate for the damaged user, and shall not assume any liability for compensating for the resulting losses incurred by you.
  5. The Platform may contain links (hereinafter referred to as "Linked Sites") to third-party websites (for example online banking websites) for the purpose of identifying verification. The "Linked Sites" are not under the control of the Platform, and it does not make any warranties or promises about any information, products and services of any Linked Sites or any other content of any form that does not belong to it; Your use of any services, information and products provided by third party websites is your personal decision, so you shall bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom.


  1. The Agreement shall come into force for you from the date it is published and updated and shall terminate on the date your status as an Advertiser is terminated and you have fulfilled your corresponding obligations hereunder.
  2. If you have any questions about the Agreement, or if you have any complaints or comments regarding the handling hereof, please contact us through the following channel: [email protected]
  3. The Platform reserves the right of interpretation of the Agreement.