HTX Resumes Withdrawal Services for Certain Cryptocurrencies via ERC20 Network

Dear HTX Users,

We are pleased to announce that HTX has resumed the withdrawal services for certain cryptos via ERC20 network, including HOT, LINK, MANA, NEXO, PRO, LITH, FTT, LOOKS, SUSHI, FET, MATIC, SNX, MKR, AAVE, LINA, PANDO, MASK, BAT, TRAC, MTL, RSS3, WOO, ZIG, OMG, PEPE, FLOKI, SIS, CTX, STORJ, CRU, INSUR, IMX, SHIB, PHA, LDO, SPELL, EPIK, MULTI, AURORA, BAL, LOOT, OXT, PUSH, PLU, REEF, FORTH, LQTY, ARPA, ZKS, TITAN, GMEE, FOR, CRV, GODS, STORE, CVX, MXC, GT, REQ, SRM, GF, AUDIO, CVC, ZRX, YFII, AQT, BIX1, LRC, WOZX and BLUR. The resumption of deposit and withdrawal services for more cryptos on the platform will be implemented gradually. The information on the deposit and withdrawal pages shall prevail.


To express our gratitude for your ongoing support and trust, we have specially planned an extraordinary token airdrop event to reward all our users. The airdrop event will utilize a snapshot of users' Rockets, where Rocket values are determined by the 30-day average balance measured in USDT. 1 USDT equals 1 Rocket. Users holding quality assets such as HT, TRX, BTC, and ETH will have their Rocket values multiplied.


The tokens for the airdrop will be drawn from a premium asset that is about to be listed on HTX. We will unveil the specific details of this event in early December. Please keep an eye on our updates.


Since its founding, HTX has remained committed to a policy of 100% reserves, ensuring our capacity to meet the withdrawal needs of all users. Thank you for choosing HTX.



November 26, 2023

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HTX reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice. The above is for information purposes only and HTX makes no recommendations or guarantees in respect of any virtual asset, product, or promotion on HTX. Prices of virtual assets are highly volatile and trading virtual assets involves risk. Please read our Risk Reminder text here.