Quick Upgrade and Rocket Upgrade: Hold HT to Upgrade Your Prime Level for a Limited Time

Dear HTX Users,

HTX will be launching a special event for Prime members who hold HT to advance their Prime levels rapidly. During the event, the multiplier used to calculate your Prime level will be increased from 1.5x to 3x on your HT holdings (based on yesterday's holdings in USDT)! If you hold 100,000 HTs and 150,000 HTs, you will directly advance to Prime 10 and Prime 11 respectively, while enjoying the corresponding privileges!


Event Period:  November 20, 2022 -  December 30, 2022(UTC+8) 


Prime Level Upgrade


Effective Date

Quick Upgrade

HT holdings will be multiplied by 3 at the current market price when calculating the total asset balance for the Prime level upgrade.

Asset balance will be calculated every calendar day (UTC+8).

If your balance meets the advancement requirement, your new Prime level and corresponding privileges will take effect the next calendar day (UTC+8).

Rocket Upgrade

If you hold 100,000-149,999 HT, you will directly advance to Prime 10.

If you hold 150,000 HT or more, you will directly advance to Prime 11.


1. Your total assets, including your HT holdings which will be multiplied by 3 and denominated in USDT, are only used for the calculation of the Prime level upgrade you are eligible for. Your actual assets are not affected. The formula is as follows: Average value of HT holdings within 24 hours over the day * 3.

2. Yesterday's holdings needed to upgrade your Prime level


Yesterday's holdings (USDT/HT)

Prime 0

<2,000 USDT

Prime 1

≥2,000 USDT

Prime 2

≥10,000 USDT

Prime 3

≥30,000 USDT

Prime 4

≥50,000 USDT

Prime 5

≥80,000 USDT

Prime 6

≥100,000 USDT

Prime 7

≥300,000 USDT

Prime 8

≥500,000 USDT

Prime 9

≥2,000,000 USDT

Prime 10

Hold 100,000-149,999 HT and you will directly advance to Prime 10.

Prime 11

Hold 150,000 HT or more and you will directly advance to Prime 11.

3. The Prime level upgrade will take effect the next day (UTC+8) after the asset balance meets the advancement requirement.

4. For example, Tom holds a total asset of 40,000 USDT, of which he holds 1,500 HT (worth 7500USDT when calculated at the market price of 5 USDT). Before the event, the total assets used to calculate Tom's Prime level is 43,750 USDT (40,000 USDT - 7,500USDT + 1,500 * 5 USDT * 1.5), and he can advance to Prime 3. During the event, the same amount of assets used to calculate Tom's Prime level will be 55,000 USDT (40,000 USDT - 7,500 USDT + 1,500 * 5 USDT * 3) and he can advance right to Prime 4.



About Prime Member

HTX has officially opened the brand-new Prime membership to all users. Enjoy a whole new experience with Prime level upgrade:

  1. Prime membership offers you the most flexible and easiest methods to advance your Prime level! You can level up simply by reaching a certain spot or futures trading volume or maintaining a certain balance in your total assets.
  2. The best way to save money
  1. Enjoy a large discount on spot fee rates, futures fee rates, and margin loan interest rates when you advance your Prime level.
  2. With HT deduction enabled, you can enjoy 12% off trading fees. Enable HT deduction now.
  1. The best way to earn money
  1. Massive CandyDrop rewards

         Prime 1 members can double their chances of winning monthly CandyDrop airdrops.

         Prime 3 members can get guaranteed allotments for monthly CandyDrop events.

     ii. Enjoy super high-yield PrimeEarn products with up to 50% APY (100% APY for HT). Limited subscription quotas are available.

  1. Exclusive KA (Prime 6+) service
  1. Dedicated account manager: Available at your service 24/7.
  2. Investment report: Providing you with comprehensive statistics.
  3. Quality projects: Gain priority access to value-added programs.
  4. Industry reports: Stay up to date with the latest industry news.
  5. Customized services: Apply for a personalized service portfolio.
  6. Service community: The quickest way to access information.
  7. Prime Trial Membership: Share "My Prime Privileges" and allow your friends to enjoy the same privileges for 30 days.
  8. Birthday gifts: Special gift for your birthday
  9. Anniversary gifts: Celebrate our journey together.
  10. Holiday gifts: Special rewards for the holiday


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