Atlas DEX Introduction

Atlas DEX is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity aggregator, designed to create a seamless trading experience for anyone looking to exchange tokens. Its platform allows users to access liquidity from decentralized exchanges across multiple blockchains with a simple, intuitive user experience. Moreover, Atlas splits trades across different liquidity pools to access the best price with minimal slippage.

Atlas DEX eliminates existing barriers to cross-chain interoperability, making it a go-to platform for DeFi users. The project has seen strong support from the DeFi community and strategic partners such as Jump Capital and HTX Ventures.

The platform’s expansion plans include enabling 2-way swaps, integrating additional blockchains and developing new products such as an all-in-one DeFi dashboard, its own liquidity pools and an NFT marketplace.

Key features:

- Leading cross-chain DEX aggregator that enables swapping across leading blockchains such as Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and more

- User-friendly platform that automatically splits trades across different liquidity pools to provide users with the best price and minimal slippage

- Built on Wormhole's decentralized and permissionless bridges

- Providing users access to fast transactions and low fees through the Solana Network

- Vision to build an all-in-one decentralized exchange that includes features such as DeFi Dashboard, NFT Marketplace & Launchpad

Token distribution and lock-in:


Allocation Rate

Token Release Schedule

Private Investors


1%/day from day 8 to 18, 2 years linear

Team & Advisors


3.5 years vesting (1 year locked, 2.5 years linear)

Treasury Reserves



Liquidity and Platform Incentives


Dynamically allocated to liquidity pools

Public Sale


0.50% will be locked for 1 month, then unlocked.0.57% unlocked.

Community Incentives and Marketing


1 year linear

Project timeline:

Q4 2021 Completion of strategic funding round

Q1 2022 Cross-chain swap platform launch

Q1 2022 $ATS token launch

Q2 2022 All-in-one dashboard

Q3 2022 NFT marketplace


Team background:

Ahmed Salam is the founder of Atlas DEX. He is an experienced, hands-on architect with over 18 years of leadership experience in designing and delivering innovative business solutions for numerous banks, pension companies and other private and public institutions. He has been part of several blockchain implementations in the health, agriculture, and fintech space over the years. He has been involved in projects such as “”, Salpay, Tidal, Cere, Marlin and Vortex DeFi among others.


The Atlas DEX team currently consists of about 20 members, most of them being software engineers followed by marketing team and operations. With diverse experience ranging from crypto natives, to marketing and finance, the team has what it takes to build Atlas DEX into one of the most successful DeFi products on the market.

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January 22, 2022


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