The Inaugural "Trade to Earn" Event's Open Beta Test to Start! Get Early Access to Generous $HTX


Dear HTX Users,

Greetings! HTX is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the brand-new Trade to Earn event. Open to all users for public testing, this round of the event allows you to experience the joy of trading with negative fee rates.

HTX has actively listened to the HTX DAO community's feedback and decided to open the event to all platform users, including market makers and API order users. HTX highly values the voice of our community users and welcomes valuable suggestions from everyone!

The event rewards will be distributed in $HTX, providing you with an unprecedented opportunity for asset growth while ensuring stable $HTX appreciation.

Event Schedule:

  • Open Beta Test Period: 12:00:00 (UTC) on March 11, 2024 to 11:59:59 (UTC) on March 14, 2024.
  • The Trade to Earn event is on a daily basis. A day is defined from 12:00 (UTC) on Day T to 11:59 (UTC) on Day T+1.
  • Event rewards will be calculated and updated starting on Day T+2 at 04:00 (UTC). Please claim your $HTX tokens in time.


Users must have a Rocket count of ≥6,000 and successfully register on the event page.

Check your Rockets now and participate in the event!

Event Rules:

The designated trading pair for this round of the event: BTC/USDT.

Rewards in the daily prize pool are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, with the $HTX reward amount calculated based on the actual fees generated, order types, and reward ratios.

Reward Calculation Rules:

  • Rewards in the daily prize pool are given on a first-come, first-served basis, determined by the actual fee generation time of participants' trades.
  • $HTX reward amount = Actual fee generated in USDT * Reward ratio by the order type / $HTX price at 12:00 (UTC) on Day T
  • A participant will not receive rewards if either the daily reward limit for the participant or the daily prize pool limit is reached.

For example, assume the $HTX token price is 0.000002 USDT at the start of the Trade to Earn event at 12:00 (UTC) on Day T, and a participant generates 100 USDT in fees from BTC/USDT trading pair between 12:00 (UTC) on Day T and 11:59 (UTC) on Day T+1, all as Taker orders. Meanwhile, the fees are generated before the depletion of the prize pool on Day T, and the participant's reward limit is not reached.

Then the participant's daily reward of $HTX would be: 100 * 102% / 0.000002 = 51,000,000.

Rewards will be updated and made available for claim at 04:00 (UTC) on Day T+2.

Order Reward Ratio and Prize Pool:

Trading Pair

Reward Ratio for Maker Order

Reward Ratio for Taker Order

Daily Prize Pool (USDT)

Daily Rewards of $HTX





Calculated based on the $HTX price at 12:00 (UTC) on Day T

The daily prize pool is a fixed value in USDT, and the event will calculate the $HTX amount in each pool based on the $HTX price at the start of the day.

For instance, if the $HTX price is 0.000002 USDT at 12:00 (UTC) on Day T when the event starts, and the prize pool of the day is 2,000 USDT, then the total $HTX amount for the day would be 1,000,000,000.


Sneak Peek: The Trade to Earn Event Round 2 to Launch

After the conclusion of the first round (i.e. beta version) of the Trade to Earn event, the platform will swiftly introduce the official event, with even more generous daily rewards to come. At the same time, the platform's all fee income generated from the BTC/USDT trading pair during the event will be fully used for $HTX buyback to support the stable $HTX appreciation. All $HTX acquired through buybacks will be entirely burned!



  • Sub-accounts cannot be used to participate in this event. Data from sub-accounts will be counted towards their main accounts.
  • Market maker users and API orders are included in the reward calculation for this event.
  • HTX will strictly review and disqualify any participants who show any signs of fraudulent behaviors, such as malicious inflation of trading volume, bulk registration of fake accounts, wash trading, and order matching.
  • HTX reserves the right of final interpretation for this event.


Thank you for your support and trust. We eagerly anticipate your participation!



March 1, 2024


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