Liquid Restaking FAQs

Q1: What is HTX Liquid Restaking?

A1: HTX Liquid Restaking is an airdrop event designed to benefit our users. Users can register for Liquid Restaking to earn free rewards including cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, USDT, $HTX, and TRX, and early airdrops of popular projects such as EigenLayer, Puffer, Merlin Chain, etc.


Q2: How can I participate and earn rewards?

A2: To be eligible for this event, you can fund your Spot account by making deposits, trades, etc. to hold at least $1 worth of BTC, ETH, USDT, $HTX, TRX, or other designated assets. Register and enable desired cryptos for Liquid Restaking, and rewards will be distributed in points three days later and displayed on the event page.


Q3: Do I need to stake any asset to participate and will my assets be restricted for trading or other features?

A3: You don't need to stake any assets to participate in Liquid Restaking, and participation in the event will not affect the trading, deposits, and withdrawals of your assets. After registering for Liquid Restaking, a snapshot of your Spot account balances for the cryptocurrencies you've enabled for the event will be taken at a random time daily. The amount of rewards you can earn is based on these snapshots of your Spot account balances. More holdings mean more rewards.


Q4: Is there any risk in participating in Liquid Restaking?

A4: Rest assured that your assets on the HTX exchange will always be safeguarded regardless of any risks that may occur on the blockchain during the event, and the earnings will be distributed in the form of rewards. HTX will fully bear any potential losses that may occur, providing you with a worry-free participation experience.


Q5: What are the points used for?

A5: LRS points can be redeemed for corresponding rewards: LRS-BTC for Merlin Chain and BounceBit airdrops; LRS-ETH for EigenLayer and Puffer airdrops; (Please note the actual airdrop rewards are subject to rewards provided by these projects.) LRS-USDT, LRS-TRX, and LRS-HTX for corresponding tokens.


Q6: How to redeem points for rewards?

A6: The redemption of LRS-USDT, LRS-TRX, and LRS-HTX points will be available soon, while LRS-BTC and LRS-ETH points can be redeemed within 14 days after the start of the on-chain project airdrops, estimated after April 2024, depending on the on-chain airdrop schedule. The rewards will be credited to participants' Spot accounts.


Q7: Why do I receive a different number of points every day?

A7: Points for a specific cryptocurrency that a user can receive are calculated using the following formula: Points = Distribution amount on the day * Amount of snapshotted cryptocurrency held by the user / Amount of all participants' assets snapshotted. In simpler terms, you'll receive more points with larger spot assets, earlier registration.


Q8: When will the event start and how to participate?

A8: The event kicks off on February 29, 2024, at 09:00 (UTC). You can simply register for the event through the HTX App.


Q9: Does HTX have any development plans for the Restaking ecosystem?

A9: HTX plans to support more cryptocurrencies and other accounts besides the Spot account for Liquid Restaking in the near future. Moreover, a booster will be introduced to enhance the rewards for $HTX holders. Please stay tuned for further announcements.


Q10: What is Restaking?

A10: Restaking is an innovative capital management method in the cryptocurrency staking ecosystem, allowing users to reinvest their cryptos that have staked on a protocol for rewards to more staking protocols for enhanced capital efficiency and potential gains.


Q11: What are the advantages of Restaking?

A11: Restaking boasts many advantages, foremost among them being the optimization of capital utilization. By choosing Restaking, users can engage in multiple staking projects without the need to unlock and transfer assets they have already staked, while not compromising the security and rewards of the staking they engaged in. As a result, users can diversify their income sources while maintaining their contribution to network consensus.


Q12: From which popular projects I may get initial airdrops?

A12: Those enrolled in HTX Liquid Restaking represent leading restaking projects across various popular sectors, such as EigenLayer, Puffer, Merlin Chain, and BounceBit. Moving forward, we aim to extend our reach to include an even wider selection of trending projects.

  • EigenLayer:

EigenLayer, a leading Ethereum restaking project with a TVL of over $7 billion, delivers decentralized restaking services through a modular protocol layer built on the Ethereum mainnet, enabling LP tokens to generate additional rewards.

  • Merlin Chain (MERL):

Merlin Chain, a Bitcoin L2 network, currently boasts a TVL of $1.5 billion. It enables users to conduct transactions and execute smart contracts more efficiently on the Bitcoin network by facilitating the interaction between EVM-compatible blockchains and the Bitcoin network.

Its main advantages include:

High Staking Yields. Merlin Chain offers a higher staking yield, appealing to users with an attractive return on investment.

Cross-Chain Interoperability. By building bridges to connect the Bitcoin network with other mainstream public blockchains, Merlin Chain enhances the capacity for asset transfer and communication among diverse blockchain networks.

Retail Investor Friendly. Merlin Chain's staking tutorial and process cater to retail investors, ensuring a lowered entry threshold for participation.

  • BounceBit:

BounceBit refers to a platform or protocol specializing in Bitcoin staking, characterized by:

Bitcoin Staking. Users can stake Bitcoin through BounceBit to contribute to network security and earn corresponding staking rewards.

Large TVL. Based on available information, BounceBit boasts a TVL over $450 million, indicating a notable level of market acceptance and community trust in the project.

Security and Stability. The platform's ability to attract substantial staking funds often indicates its commitment to ensuring security and stability in its operation.

*Please note that the interpretations provided above for each project are based on fragmentary information. As a result, the answers may not be comprehensive or up-to-date, and the actual situation may vary. It is recommended to consult the latest official documentation or announcements for the most accurate information.


Q13: Is the HTX Liquid Restaking event open to users from all countries and regions worldwide?

A13: Due to compliance reasons, users from certain countries or regions may be restricted from participating in this event. Please refer to the HTX User Agreement for specific details.


Q14: If fraudulent behavior is detected, how will the platform handle the involved participants?

A14: Participants who are found to be involved in any fraudulent behavior, including but not limited to money laundering, manipulation of multiple accounts, and self-trading, will be disqualified. HTX reserves the right to freeze the cheating accounts, confiscate any gains from the fraudulent behaviors, and impose other penalties as necessary.


Q15: Who has the final authority to interpret and make modifications to the event?

A15: HTX reserves the right of final interpretation for this event and the right to amend, change or cancel this event. Please stay tuned to the latest announcements.