Guide to HTX Affiliate Program

Are you thinking of leading your fans to make their first fortune in the cryptocurrency market and find more ways to earn income through HTX? To thank you for your long-term support, we have launched the HTX Affiliate Program for you and your fans.


About HTX Affiliate Program:

HTX Affiliate Program can be divided into two types of trades: Spot and Derivatives. Through this program, you can create unique referral links that invite new users to register and trade on HTX. Anyone who clicks the link and completes the signing up progress becomes your referral. You will receive commission on every trade they make, whether it is on HTX Spot or HTX Derivatives. 


The HTX Affiliate Program is looking for:

Video bloggers such as YouTubers, TikTokers, cryptocurrency community leaders, writers in media and people from all institutions or organizations who are interested in becoming HTX affiliates and meet one of the following criteria:

1. Own a social media account with over 5,000 followers.

2. Have a social community with over 500 members.

3. Businesses and organizations with a user base of over 2,000 people.

4. Own an independent website.


How does the HTX Affiliate Program work?

Step 1: Register to be a HTX Affiliate.

Submit your application by completing this form. Our team will evaluate your application and contact you as soon as possible. Once you are deemed to meet one of the above criteria, your application will be approved.

Step 2: Create and share your referral link.

Visit the referral page to get your own referral code and exclusive invitation link. You can also get an exclusive poster to share with your friends. If you are inviting your friends in person, you can also let them scan the QR code to register. The invitation can be completed via any of the above methods. You can also set different referral codes if you have multiple channels.

Step 3: Earn commission after inviting new users.

Visit the commission dashboard or the referral page to check the status of your invitees. If an invitee has started trading, you can see and receive your commission the next day.


Commission rules for HTX Affiliates

Commission level

Commission percentage of trading fees

Quarterly evaluation criteria



Level 1



At least 10 newly registered users have traded, and the cumulative trading volume of new users has reached 1 million USDT.

Level 2



At least 50 newly registered users have traded, and the cumulative trading volume of new users has reached 4 million USDT.

Level 3



At least 500 invitees have registered and at least 80 of them have traded. Plus, the cumulative trading volume of new users has reached 10 million USDT.


For all verified HTX Affiliates, the commission percentage will be upgraded to Level 1 (a 40% share on the trading fees incurred by an invitee for Spot transactions and 50% for Derivatives transactions) from the default 30%. In addition, if the HTX Affiliate meets the upgrade criteria within the evaluation period, their commission percentage will be automatically upgraded to Level 2 or Level 3. However, if the HTX Affiliate fails to meet the quarterly evaluation criteria of their current level during the evaluation period, their commission level will automatically be downgraded by one level in the next quarter. If their current level is Level 1, it will be downgraded to the level of a retail investor. Each evaluation period will last for 3 months, starting from the first adjustment of your commission percentage. Your commission is for life and has no time limit.



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