HT Operation Monthly Report (July 2021)

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We have integrated HT-related information for July for your review. 

I. HTX Token Data and Events Calendar

1. Data of HTX Token

In July 2021, HTX burnt 2.342 million HT (about 22.591 million USDT), which is 53.52% lower than that in June. As of Aug. 15th, 2021, the number of burnt HT combined has reached 277.696 million.

The HT deflation rate of the month is 0.99%. Calculation Function: HT deflation rate = (2.342 million HT burnt amount * (15%/20%)/ previous period's total quantity in circulation 177.799 million HT

Aggregate HT Circulation Amount: 222,303,126 HT

Current HT Circulation Amount: 176,042,812 HT

HT holders growth in July: 2% higher than last month

Please refer HT burning scheme of HTX to the following: 

The Results for HT Token Burn Program Community Vote

Announcement on the Continuation of "Monthly" Burn of HT

Transaction Hash:


2. HTX Token Activities of July

The APY exceeds 200%, staking HT to participate in mining of new token PrimePool

From August 2 to August 9, users can join to share 2.25 million DFA new token rewards by staking a certain amount of HT to Primepool.

Primepool is a digital asset mining platform launched by HTX on July 29. It aims to provide users with a simple and convenient way to participate in the ecological development of new listings. DeFine (DFA) is the first project of Primepool.

3. Institution Data

TokenInsight: HTX has achieved a turnover of approximately US$1155.17 billion in Q2 of 2021.

According to data from the 2021 Q2 Crypto Trading Industry Report released by TokenInsight in July 2021, HTX has achieved a trading volume of approximately US$1155.17 billion in Q2 of 2021.

(Note: The above data is independently published by third party research institutions, HTX only quotes third party data and HTX is not legally responsible for the third party data)

II Business Development at HTX

1. On August 9, HTX established a security fund with a total amount of up to 50,000 HUSD for P2P malicious transactions, and users will be rewarded for reporting malicious transactions.

2. On August 6, HTX launched the DFA/USDT trading pair on the NFT field.

3. The high-profile Ethereum upgrade, called London was completed on August 5. HTX will continue to provide users with services such as ETH and ERC20-based token deposits and withdrawals.

4. From July 22nd to August 7th, HTX launched the Olympic Challenge Campaign to share 150,000 USDT.

5. HTX launched a series of activities for the popular asset AXS:

From July 28th to August 4th, users can deposit AXS with 100% APY through HTX Earn. The users will continue to enjoy 5% APY after the 7 days’ activities without lock-up period.

From August 4th to August 11th, users trading under AXS/USDT-margined swaps will share 25,000 USDT.

6. To celebrate the launch of the FLOW/USDT-margined swaps, HTX launched a double rewards event from August 10th to August 17th:

A. The user will enjoy 50% APY by depositing FLOW through HTX Earn.

B. The user will share 20,000 USDT by trading FLOW/USDT-margined swaps.

7. By August 6th, HTX USDT-margined swaps has supported 98 assets, of which 72 assets are supported with full position, 54 assets supported with token-based margined swaps, 13 delivery contracts, covering NFT, Layer2, DeFi, popular track assets such as Polkadot and storage.

III Media Coverage

1. Cointelegraph: HTX’s NFT strategy: How the global company is making its mark in the industry

On August 5, according to report of the Cointelegraph: While everyone, from artists and celebrities to athletes and major companies, wants a piece of the growing market right now, HTX has a long-term strategy to become a leader in the space.

2. Coindesk: HTX’s Proprietary Risk Control Infrastructure Protects Users Against BSV Attack

On August 5, according to report of the Coindesk: On Tuesday this week, the crypto markets were stunned by the malicious 51% attack of BSV, the hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash Network (BCH) that was created in November 2017. While many crypto exchanges were caught unawares by the attack, HTX was not. Thanks to its advanced risk control systems, HTX had predicted a month ago there was a risk that BSV could be attacked and was taking measures to protect its users. 


HT will enthusiastically commence a strengthened focus towards the international community. All future announcements of our HT monthly report will be in English to adhere to more international readers. Thank you for your continued support!


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Aug. 15, 2021