Crypto Loans Is Available for Sub-Accounts Now!

Dear Valued Users,

Crypto Loans is available for sub-accounts now! With this feature, your master account can authorize sub-accounts to use Crypto Loans. Each sub-account can share the same limits on loan amounts and interest rates as they correspond to master accounts after the activation.

Please log in on HTX Website to operate.

Guide to Crypto Loans for Sub-Accounts  

Step 1. Visit the HTX website, log in with your master account and click [Sub-Account] from the pull-down menu of [User Center] in the top right corner of the homepage.

Step 2. Click "+Create Sub-Account", set the "Sub-Account Name", and enter the verification code of its master account to create it successfully.

Step 3. Following the Step 2 settings, please click "Login Configuration", set the password, enter the verification code of its master account, and bond with Google Authenticator, then it will be available to log in on Web and APP.

Step 4. Click "Trading Permissions" to activate "Crypto Loans" for sub-accounts.

Please Note:
1. Sub-accounts cannot apply for Crypto Loans before activated by their master account.
2. Users can only change passwords for sub-accounts and unbound Google Authenticator via their master accounts.
3. If users participate in HTX activities with both their master accounts and their sub-accounts, rewards will be counted based on the overall performance. Rewards will be distributed to users' master accounts. Please notice that sub-accounts cannot participate independently.

How To Borrow:

Visit, and click [Finance] – [Crypto Loans] on the navigation menu

Web Link:

Collateral Coin Details:

Risk Reminder: Trading digital assets comes with high risks due to significant price fluctuations. Before trading, please have a full understanding of all the risks and be prudent in your own decisions.


June 22, 2021


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