HTX API Will Adjust the Frequency Limit Value of the Order Endpoint

Dear users,

In order to ensure the API user’s experience under market fluctuations, HTX API will adjust the rate limit value of the order endpoint in the near future. The rate limit of placing orders (both single and batch) will be adjusted to 50% of the previous ones.

Affected endpoints:

  • POST /v1/order/orders/place is adjusted from 100 times/2s to 50 times/2s
  • POST /v1/order/batch-orders is adjusted from 50 times/2s to 25 times/2s

The start time for specific frequency limit will be announced later, please make an adjustment in advance according to your own strategy.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your support!


April 29th, 2021