How to Deposit UAH/KZT via AdvCash?

To deposit UAH/KZT, please follow these steps:

Please note:

  • Deposits via AdvCash wallet are FREE of any transaction fee.

  • To use the service, you are required to pass AdvCash verification first. Please make sure to use the AdvCash account that belongs to you. If the AdvCash account information is conflicted with your HTX verification information, the transaction would be rejected.

  • The current limits for deposit/withdrawals are as follows:

KZT Limit

Maximum Deposit Amount

Мaximum Withdrawal Amount

Per day/order

10,000,000 KZT

1,000,000 KZT

Per month

50,000,000 KZT

5,000,000 KZT

Per year

100,000,000 KZT

10,000,000 KZT


UAH Limit

Maximum Deposit Amount

Мaximum Withdrawal Amount

Per day/order

5,000,000 UAH

500,000 UAH

Per month

7,500,000 UAH 

750,000 UAH 

Per year

10,000,000 UAH

7,500,000 UAH

Step 1 

Visit HTX, log in to your account.


Step 2

Go to “Balance” - “Exchange Account”

Step 3

Select “Deposit-Exchange” and search for UAH/KZT, click “Deposit”. 

Step 4

You will see a pop-up window for KYC verification if you have not completed it yet. Follow the guidance and complete verification (See How to Complete Verification for Fiat Deposits? here)

Step 5

After completing verification, go back to the deposit page. Choose “AdvCash Balance” as the payment method, input the amount of UAH/KZT to be deposited, click “Next”. 

Step 6

Confirm the order details, click “Pay”, the page will go to AdvCash to complete the payment. 

Step 7 

Login into your AdvCash account, complete the payment as guided. (Please make sure you have passed verification of AdvCash first to use this service)


Step 8

After you complete the payment, you will be redirected to the deposit page to make another deposit or check your balance.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service at [email protected]