Join HTX Market Maker Recruitment Plan to Win Triple Rewards. Inviters can Get up to 2,000 USDT!

Dear HTX Users,

HTX is launching the Market Maker Recruitment Plan.

Market makers of other exchanges are invited to become market makers of HTX!

Cash rewards, trading fee rebates (for taker trading volume increment), special liquidity benefits, and more rewards await you.


Rewards for inviters of new market makers and invitees (new market makers) who meet the taker trading volume requirement:

● Inviters can get up to 2,000 USDT.

● Invitees (new market makers) can get up to 8,000 USDT in trading fee rebates.


1. Eligibility:

● Inviter: retail users, KOLs, institutional users, and existing HTX market makers (excluding HTX staff)

● Invitee: market makers of other exchanges

2. Registration period: 08:00 (UTC) on Jan 29, 2023 - 08:00 (UTC) on Mar 31, 2023

3. Rules

Reward 1: Get 200 USDT by inviting 1 market maker to HTX

Red packet eligibility requirement:

Requirement for Invitees

Requirement for Inviters

Reward for Inviter

1. Total assets on HTX ≥ 100,000 USDT

(Approx. the lowest threshold for HTX market makers)

Meet the event's requirement

200 USDT

2. Complete the qualification assessment to be a market maker of HTX

How to get Reward 1:

Fill out the registration form → Review applications → Invitees become HTX market makers → Meet the red packet eligibility requirement → Red packet rewards credited to eligible inviters' accounts.


Reward 2: Earn rebates by meeting the trading volume requirement

  • Based on their taker trading volume increment, invitees who become HTX market makers will be enrolled automatically in our New Market Maker Incentive Plan to earn trading fee rebates for 30 days from their registration.
  • After meeting the requirements for the cumulative spot/futures taker trading volume within 30 days of registration, invitees can receive 80% of the rebate based on the taker volume increment while their inviters will get the remaining 20% rebate.

Cumulative spot trading volume requirement within T+30 days

Market Maker Tier

Taker Trading Volume Requirement (VolR)

Max Taker Volume Increment for Rebates (ZMax)

Tier S

15,000,000 USDT

40,000,000 USDT

Tier 1

8,000,000 USDT

20,000,000 USDT

Tier 2

3,000,000 USDT

10,000,000 USDT

Cumulative futures trading volume requirement within T+30 days

Market Maker Tier

Taker Trading Volume Requirement (VolR)

Max Taker Volume Increment for Rebates (ZMax)

Tier S

45,000,000 USDT

60,000,000 USDT

Tier 1

18,000,000 USDT

40,000,000 USDT

Tier 2

7,500,000 USDT

10,000,000 USDT


We use Vol to represent the actual spot or futures trading volume within the specific period. VolR represents the trading volume requirement. Z refers to the actual trading volume increment (Vol - VolR). ZMax indicates the maximum volume increment to receive rebates, and Z < ZMax. The fixed taker fee rate for trading fee rebate = 0.01635% (*This is a fixed value, and both spot and futures trading fee rebates are calculated with this value.)


Trading fee rebate calculation formula:

Trading fee rebate for invitees (new market makers):

Taker trading fee rebate = taker trading volume increment * fixed taker fee rate * rebate ratio (Z * 0.01635% * 0.8)

Trading fee rebate for inviters:

Taker trading fee rebate = taker trading volume increment * fixed taker fee rate * rebate ratio (Z * 0.01635% * 0.2)



Scenario 1

Suppose A is an inviter and B is the invitee. B joins HTX as a Tier S spot market maker. B's cumulative spot taker trading volume (Vol) in the first month is 27,000,000 USDT and the trading volume requirement (VolR) is 15,000,000 USDT. With a volume increment (Z) of 12,000,000, the rebates are distributed as follows:

B's rebate = 12,000,000 * 0.01635% * 0.8 = 1,569.6 USDT

A's rebate = 12,000,000 * 0.01635% * 0.2 = 392.4 USDT

Scenario 2

Suppose A is an inviter and B is the invitee. B joins HTX as a Tier S spot market maker. The cumulative spot taker trading volume (Vol) of B in the first month is 60,000,000 USDT. The trading volume requirement (VolR) is equal to 15,000,000 USDT, and the volume increment (Z) is 45,000,000 USDT. However, since 45,000,000 > ZMax, the actual volume increment for rebates is 40,000,000 (ZMax), then:

B's rebate = 40,000,000 * 0.01635% * 0.8 = 5,232 USDT

A's rebate = 40,000,000 * 0.01635% * 0.2 = 1,308 USDT


Reward 3:

● Invitees (or new HTX market makers) can apply for 【Preferential Policy for HTX Market Makers>>>>>>>

1. Evaluation exemption + level maintenance

2. Exclusive API rate limit

3. Exclusive Colocation service

*These benefits can only be applied during the event period


4. Notes:

  • Invitees' total assets or deposits during the event period must be funds transferred outside of HTX. If the funds are deemed as internal transfers or fast transfers, the invitees will be deemed to have cheated and the inviters will be disqualified from receiving the red packet rewards.
  • Day T refers to the day when invitees successfully join HTX as market makers. In the next 7 days, the platform will take a random snapshot of the invitees' total assets at any time. The invitees' total assets shall not be less than 100,000 USDT. Otherwise, their inviters will not qualify for the red packet rewards.
  • After meeting the Reward 1 red packet criteria, inviters will receive the 200 USDT cash reward, which will be credited to their accounts within 3 working days.
  • If invitees perform no trades within T+14 days after they join HTX, the platform has the right to disqualify the invitees and their inviters from the event and hence availing of the special fee rates and event benefits.
  • HTX will strictly review and disqualify any participants who show any signs of fraudulent behaviors, such as malicious inflation of trading volume, bulk registration of fake accounts, wash trading, and order matching.
  • Invitees' trading volume includes the volume of maker orders and taker orders of spot and futures trading pairs (excluding those with zero trading fees).
  • The rebate reward for the invitees and the inviters will be credited to their accounts within T+7 days after the end of the Reward 2 calculation period (30 days). If the rewards are not issued within T+7 days, the invitees can contact their key account manager and the inviters can send an email to [email protected] to contact the event initiator for assistance.
  • This event does not involve referral partnerships.
  • HTX reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.
  • HTX reserves the right to modify, change or cancel this event for any reason without further notice.


【Preferential Policies for Market Makers and Other Notices】

HTX to Launch Preferential Policy for Market Makers >>>>>>

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HTX to Update Assessment Mechanism and Fee Rates for Market Makers>>>>>>>

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January 29, 2023


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